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It seems that the article is abbreviated, the last sentence cut off...

brender anne

i am afun of yoga and also have ablog on yoga your journal is areal encouragement and also a hope to those that had already lost hope, keep it up


This article was wonderful and thank you so much for sharing your journey. You mention of diet at the end of the article reminded me of a screening I recently attended for a move called 'Forks Over Knives'. Anyone who is interested in ways of healing and preventing certain diseases should check it out. I believe that with yoga and the right diet we can heal and prevent so many diseases that afflict our society today.

Gloria Escover

Amazing article...I have recently been contracted to teach Yoga to cancer patients and I will continue to refer to this article over and over again.

Thank You.

Stacy Pieri

I am a yoga instructor and have always enjoyed power yoga, known for arm balances and inversions. I was diagnosed in 2008 with Leukemia (ALL) and in 2010 relapsed. I really miss teaching but see it in my future. I was wondering if during my chemo treatments if I do abdominal twists I could detox some of this cancer in my blood stream and let the chemo whisk it off and out of my body. Any thoughts about leukemia and yoga?

Chelsey Davenport

This was so powerful and eloquently written. I am thinking about bringing yoga to Cancer patients and this article touched on a bunch of important aspects and ways of approaching a student that is recovering or has Cancer. Thanks for the wonderful knowledge.


Our health club has "Pink Ribbon Yoga", created by a registered nurse, Corey Becker. It's focused to help anyone touched by breast cancer (or any other cancer) to restore and recapture their inner healing voice. I've been going for about 2 years, and started at the request of a friend undergoing chemotherapy. I've seen the women in class display more centeredness and peace as they progress through the classes. Since I take the classes also, I can say the same is true for me. Yoga provides self healing at many levels, and benefits even the "healthiest" individual by keeping them rooted in their centerpoint.


This was a beautifully written article, that has helped me to recognize the unified soul behind everything. To be clear, I think I've been so afraid in the past to observe the impact of cancer on those afflicted with it. I have just become a Yoga teacher, and I dare say somewhat self-aware LOL, and this has brought me to a place of humility. I see the strength in these Cancer survivors, and I'm so thankful that Yoga can provide relief from pain and suffering of all forms. In that way, I feel connected to cancer, and those with it. I feel unified, with all things, my mental meanderings don't seem to matter, and this is how Yoga has been enlightening. I would love to learn more about Yoga and cancer as partners in a learning and healing journey:

Susanne Calman

Yoga helps to remind you that you are more than your cancer, more than a patient......all of the gentle healing benefits of Yoga helps you to reconnect with your femininity, your power, your incredible sense of will. It helps you see the light at the end of the tunnel.....

I had breast cancer sixteen years ago and am now in treatment for cervical cancer. Through my experience with cancer I have learned so much about myself and about other people. I am so disappointed in the healthcare system. There is no emphasis on nutrition or exercise. I have had fifteen operations and have built up a tremendous amount of scar tissue. I was a former exercise instructor and never thought much about yoga until my daughter sent me a book about yoga for cancer patients. Through the course of my treatment I have been practicing. It has helped me in so many ways. I feel we are all on a journey, a path we must follow. I would like to help people with their illness through yoga. I dont know where to get started. I realize teaching yoga to people with health issues is different than teaching in general. I feel that sharing my experience with others would be healing and beneficial to myself and to others.
Guidance to help my journey would be much appreciated. Love , Peace, Health Gypsyfrog.

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