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Sam P.

Wish there was a video to show how to do these exercises more efficiently.


Thank you!! I developed asthma later in life and have been aware that my breathing patterns tend to be forced. I will start these breathing exercises NOW. I appreciate B.K.S.Iyengar's yoga and feel immensely fortunate to have found your article! Thank you so much!

rahul kumar

Thanks a lot for for sharing your valuable experience. I'm going to start these exercises from today as I have developed asthma symptoms a couple of months ago and am really very disturbed by them. I know I was anxious and had disordered breathing earlier. Now I'm sure and I'll cure my breathing with these exercises.

amy h

I am so happy to see that the Buteyko method is gaining visibility! At my wit's end (and equally frustrated that my pranayaka that i love so much wasn't helping), i found a practitioner who would teach my 12 year old daughter the technique...that was 20 months ago...i haven't purchased asthma medication since!! Completely free to use, and absolutely effective!!


Thanks so much .. it helped me understand the condition of asthma very well.. It will help me teach my asthma patients some practices mentioned.

Jenny G

I found this an extremely helpful article which concurs with my own experience. Thank you so much for sharing your knowledge and experience here.


I wonder what the triggers are that wake up asthmatics at night. In Barbara's words ... The urgency to breathe that woke you... I"m asking in the context of avoiding it. Can more fresh air into the bedroom help? Stress? Why the wakeup is not every night but at certain circumstances? I know that children that wake up and take medication often are unable to fall asleep for hours.


Great article, thanks for the tips It's a help to know how to manage this awfull inconsistent breathing which I struggle everyday with. I do yoga and thanks to yoga I became aware of my bad habit of breathing. I am trying to work on it. I will try these excercises.


Thank you for this. It really help me to understand some things about my asthma.

Anna Teague

Wonderful article, am going to put this into practice, as an asthmatic with bronchiecstasis, anything that I can do without resorting to extra medication works. My problem with the Buteyko method, did he not slag off yoga breathing. I know, from my medical records, that my lung capacity has improved with pranayama, so I'd have to disagree. Yoga also encourages breathing in and out through the nose. I will read his book again though, this irritated me the last time!Excellent article.

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