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I have been in remission, pain and prescription free, from this horrific disease for over 10 years thanks to the life-altering body, mind, spirit wellness work of Joy of Healing. After trying everything available both medically and holistically, this amazing work came to my rescue just as I was ready to go into a nursing home as I could no longer function on my own. I agree that yoga, aqua-size, diet etc. are important but for me I needed more and Joy of Healing was the answer.


Chronic pain from fibromyalgia is very debilitating and a common cause of lack of sleep and depression.A good diet high in fruits and vegetables, and massage help in dealing with it .I find the videos and natural pain solutions at Imbue Body are also very helpful.

Sharon Levin

Becky - the optimal times for yoga BREATHING and meditation with guided imagery is 1st thing in the morning after the poor quality sleep, or even, as you progress, you will find CD's such as Dr Bernie Siegel, or DEL PE, able to put you back to sleep at any time of the night. Repeat this practice as you are at home, 3 times a day, and once in the night to relax yourself. In order to stretch one musthave warm muscles, so bath am, noon, pm before 1030pm. Stop any form of exercise at 5pm. If you would like help kindly use my HELPLINE for fibromyalgia Support 011 485 5848 and leave a message. I am so sorry that you are not well and, having 'been in that dark place', hope you will take the next step after this MAG, and reach out - lots of help available. Sharon Levin

Sharon Levin

I am the Head of the Fibromyalgia International Support Network SOuthern Africa Representative, and researcher for FM, Cfs, ME etc, as well as being in Private Holistic Complementary Healthcare Consultant Practice in Orchards JHB and Lsa Lucia Ridge KZN. I have been in remission for 18 yrs having turned away from Western Medicine when almost 'dying' and taking the decision to ';take my life back' via all means holistic. It took, then, 3 yrs. Had gentle stretch yoga and guided imagery, meditation, relaxation, deep breathing, most of which I had to teach myself then, and continue all these years to stay balanced and grounded no-matter-what-happens-in my life experiences, I would never have kept up the courage, discipline, self-love etc that helped me evolve from a victim to a survivor, an educator and teacher of all aspects of retaining wellness from illness in this most treacherous chronic illness that I am privilaged to have overcome and stay focused daily to still overcome each day and night. Hatha yoga, with an experienced teacher who knows about functional medicine illnesses is imperative to find. I wish more had been researched for patients suffering, so that names and emails/numbers all over SA could have been available, Yogafinder does not include this important detail. Thank you for your great mag. Sharon Levin 082 876 8777 +

Belinda Grijalva

Guillermo will you explain to me what asana and pranayama is?

Belinda Grijalva

I was diagnosed with FMS on December of 2008. I hid the pain and news from my children for 1 1/2 yrs. I was in denial. I have learned about yoga and practice it when I feel good enough. I know that when i used it I feel immediately better. I work with a chiropractor and massage therapists. It works. I also find myself on a bad day feeling very emotionally vurnable. I cry and feel my world is coming apart. Fear sets in with the thing I fear the most. My beloved son going into combat in the future. He wants to combat. Even though I do not show him my sometimes fear, I encourage him with a lump on my throat. My cry sometimes becomes into screams saying, " not my baby. " I know that I may not seen him again. This does not help with FMS. I believe in only one God, Jehova the I am. I strongly believe in healing from the higher power. I encourage all to seek him and say on your bad days: " Christ In Me, Jesus Christ is Lord over my body, soul, spirit and mind. I am covered by the Blood of the Lamb from the top of my head to soles of my feet. I can do ALL things thru Jesus Christ who strengthens me. Greater is he that is in me than he that is in the world. The Holy Spirit is boss over my mind." Believe what you say. It helps tremendously. If I have affended anyone I did not mean to do so but only meant to help you. After all we are part of a family. Gold Bless You and the USA. Lovingly Belinda

Rachel Divine

Hi Carin.
As a yoga therapist I think not only finding a place but finding a yoga teacher or better a yoga therapist with experience in this. Yogafinder has a few listed in your area, ask who does therapy. I would avoid hot yoga, or power yoga. Be gentle to yourself, go slooow and exhaale:)
Rachel Divine

Guillermo P.

Thanks for the article,itīs very intersting. I had fibromyalgia for 2 1/2 years, my treatment was with western medicine, sometimes works and sometimes not, but the best was acupuncture. Then i make some changes in my life, then one day FMS disappear until 5 months ago, i discovered yoga in june 2009 and now it's helping me to battle the FMS.
I practice for myself on am and in classes on pm, it depends on you Becky, choose what you feel is best, but definetly yoga is going to help you. Carin i practice Iyengar, the thing is to practice some yoga styles that focus on: alignment, relaxation and therapeutics like Iyengar, Kripalu or Viniyoga, try to find some of these where your father live.
Thanks again for the article and the oportunity to learn about other people with the same problem than mine. .G

Becky Marlan

I just recived my first yoga mag and found the artical on fibro, thank you for it . I have always been interested in yoga but have never done much. I have had fibro for 10 years now, I am unable to work. when do you do your yoga work out in the am or pm or afternoon ? I am farely new to yoga and am unsure of my self. I do not have inernet so I will have to check back here later.

Carin Catalano-Hutmacher

My father recently had 2 strokes and is also suffering from Fibromyalgia. He is in alot if pain and although a doctor of Western medicine himself, he is wanting to try alternative healing remedies such as yoga and acupuncture. I live on the other side of the country so coordinating service for him is difficult. I am looking for a practicioner in St. Louis, MO. who can help him. I believe certain yoga would be helpful for both conditions; he just needs to get to the right place. Could anyone offer any suggestions? Thanks, Carin

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