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As interesting as this article is, I feel kind of hopeless after reading it. I'm pitta-kapha and the recommendations to rebalance either seem to contradict each other. What do I do? I'm more pitta so should I just focus on rebalancing that?

veena Grover RYT

I personally feel,most of the people get stressed pleasing others or having too many things in mind.cluttering the mind & not able to find the priorities of life cause lot of tension.Lesser socialization, simple needs & simpler life can lead us to relaxation.It certainly has helped me a lot.Do some cardio exercises & practice yoga, which leads to meditation & inner connection with your soul.Pleasing God & surrendering to Higher power, accepting the circumstances & not fighting with it will bring serenity & peace.Try, please. Blessings.


The second and third website links given in the "Find an Ayurvedic Doc" inset don't seem to match the descriptions. I clicked on both and don't see any ayurvedic doctor listing on either of them.

Is anyone else having the same issue? If so, is there a better directory somewhere?


Hi there, I'm pitta/vata, but at times I have a pitta imbalance and at other times I'm tired and want to sleep during the day. How do I rebalance?


What if my responses to stress are in all three categories? I suppose I have to look at it on a more day by day basis, but what do you do when you worry, criticize and are stubborn all at once!! :)


I finally recognize my type! Interestingly, my body has craved the very things that are said to be calming when imbalanced. The yoga practice has changed in response to my body needs. How wonderful to know that without thinking about it you can instanctively make changes that heal and stabilize you out of sheer need...transmitted through the mind and body. Cool. Good article.

Anne Ness

Thank you for this simple guide that makes so much sense!


This was tremendously helpful. I have always taken the go-for-a-walk or hot bath approach, while never fully understanding what stress type I have (kapha imbalance). Learning about nutrition to aid my stress levels is an important factor in reducing my stress. Thank you!


Thank you for this articulate article Jennifer! After working out my Dosha, I found a close score of Vata and Pitta -- and yet they are such contrasting balances. How can I work out cooling or warming foods?


This article was very helpful!
Thank you for writing it.

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