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Nip Allergies in the Bud

Try these Ayurvedic tips to help you get a handle on your allergies.

By Niika Quistgard

woman with mug

When allergy season hits, you can feel it all over. Try these Ayurvedic tips to clear your head and enjoy the blooming season:

1. Increase Circulation
Try a dry-brush massage before your morning shower and a vigorous round of Sun Salutations before breakfast.

2. Drink Hot Water
Fill a thermos with hot water as your day begins. Carry this with you and sip an ounce or two of hot water every 30 minutes all day, between meals, to loosen and cleanse ama.

3. Lighten Up
Steer clear of heavy foods, such as dairy, wheat, and rich, cold dishes (yes, that means ice cream). Rely mainly on freshly cooked, prana-filled fruits and vegetables, which are nourishing yet easy to digest.

4. Eat Lunch
Enjoy the most substantial meal of the day at noon when digestion is strongest; keep dinner light.

5. Avoid Toxins
Reduce your exposure to chemical preservatives, household cleaners, and pesticides to avoid introducing excess toxins into your body.

6. Take a Remedy
Mix 1/4 teaspoon of trikatu (an Ayurvedic formula of three dried peppers) with a teaspoon of honey. In the morning, eat this mixture, followed by sips of hot water.

7. Clear the Nose
Use a neti pot daily to rinse irritants from your nasal passages. Fill the neti pot with warm water. Stir in a pinch of salt until completely dissolved. With your left hand, bring the spout into your left nostril, lean over a sink, and tilt your head to the right, tipping the pot up gently to start the flow. Continue for up to 30 seconds, breathing through your mouth. Repeat on the other nostril.

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Reader Comments


I am a nurse and a holistic health practitioner who knows from personal experience how miserable allergy/sinus problems can be. A year ago I started using a neti pot faithfully. It took about a month before I could feel the difference. At first I was reluctant to continue because it almost seemed as though my sinus problems were getting worse. However, I stuck with it and cannot believe the results! During a time when I am usually at my worst seasonally, I have absolutely no symptoms! I also managed to knock out a sinus infection that was trying to creep in within 2 days! I swear by the neti pot!


I use a netipot about every other day. I have had really severe allergies for 4 decades. The rinse has cut my use of otc meds by at least half. I still need shots and otc's but am grateful for any reduction in meds. Very worth the effort.


I have had sinus problems all my life. Headaches, the worse. I bought a netipot last week. Not kidding, the headache went away within 45 minutes. I AM IN HEAVEN. I still get some symptoms for allergies, but they are not nearly as severe and NO HEADACHES.

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