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I do want always to stay objective and question ingrained assumptions so I'm glad to read a challenge to the water convention. However, I agree with Laura, the proof is in how you feel. Without 8 glasses of water (straight water) I tend to eat when I'm not actually hungry, I feel tired and a bit stagnant. Water keeps me feeling clean, refreshed and alert.


I disagree - Its plain water - that keeps me "lighter and cleansed" . I have a balanced metabolism. I believe my 91 year FIL takes no meds because we keep him hydrated with filtered water all day. You shouldn't stress about it - do it if you can.


As a hot yoga instructor, I sweat out liters and liters per day. If I drank only 72 oz of water I would be dehydrated!


I disagree with this article, simply because when i am in a routine drinking my full 8 glasses of water (and no caffeine or alcohol) i feel amazing - lighter and cleansed - i can feel the difference... i agree sometimes its hard, and you shouldnt feel guilty if you cannot make the full amount everyday - i mean sometimes its just not convenient to pee about every hour! but when you can - its good for you to cleanse the body.

ntathu Allen

I think its good this article has been published and for the debate and comments to follow which enables us to learn and discover more about the value and role of water in our world.


What he says is true about water content in beverages and foods. Like any article on any topic, we need to think about what the information does not contain and do what is personally right. It's that simple.


I simply cannot trust an article on water-related health issues that addresses bottled water but fails to even mention the debate regarding the potential for toxins to leach into the water from those bottles. If the author believes there is no merit to this debate, I would think that a comment to that affect is warranted. The fact that the debate is not even mentioned leads me to mistrust the entire article.


This is very dangerous advice. Teaching College Nutrition one of the first lab experiments I have students do is to consume different beverages and then measure urine output - perhaps this author found 18 elite athletes who could drink sugar and caffeine and not become dehydrated. I find making
such claims to the general population based on a tiny very select study group unethical and misleading at best! How much malpractice insurance does this "researcher" carry?


Some of the points seem to be in conflict with Ayurveda. For example, Ayurveda considers agni, the digestive fire, and if we put too much water in the body at meal times, it'll put out the digestive fire, causing various digestive issues. I also struggle with the suggestion that drinking coffee can count as part of the daily fluid intake. Coffee can vitiate vata, meaning increasing dryness in the body tissues and could adversely affect people's sleeping patterns and nervous systems.

John L. Brown

There is no medical evidence that I am aware of that indicates the need to drink, or otherwise consume, eight glasses of water each day. That is a lot of water. Perhaps that amount would be justified living and working in a desert environment. Even if that level of consumption were scientifically established, it would not apply to all body types: for example a person five foot tall, and weighing one-hundred.

If filters in municipal settings cannot efficiently eliminate drugs and pesticides from drinking water, it must be asked if any type of residential filter, other than a distiller type, can?

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