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A wrist injury and tenderness has altered my yoga practice for months now. My wrists and forearms are the weakest and tightest parts of my body, which I suppose is what a computer desk job does to a person. Was excited when I saw the link to this article, but disappointed when I read it. There are tons of poses that were left out, as were suggestions on how to really work on these problem, chronic areas most of us have.


I had sciatic pain for years while i was doing yoga. ANUSARA is the only thing that cured my pain long term.


Sciatica -
The trouble with this "injury" its not really an injury but more a chronic pain problem. I did the "do" poses above for years with no permanent relief. The practice that changed my pain was ANUSARA. The principals got me to engage where I needed and relax where I was tight. Its really about balance with sciatica, one part is thigh and pulling the low back/hip. Once I learned how to move, I can do any pose. Pigeon can actually make it worse if you are using no muscle energy and you just lay there.

Gerda McHugh

I would like to see more chair yoga


When I saw the title for this article, I was very hopeful to find some answers. I practise yoga for over 15 years now, and had wrist problems on and off from extensive computerwork. During yoga classes that I take when traveling, I work around it, where I can. I live in the USA and Germany. Unfortunately, many yoga classes are 'wrist-intensives' and teachers set on their mostly athletic focus. After a 'regular' class with several Chataranga's I will suffer from pain for two days. From my health practice I am very aware, that many people don't go to yoga because of their wrist problems. But Yoga (Viny) has helped my wrist problem and now I would like to put a whole class concept together for people with wrist or shoulder problems, to bring them back on the mat (I am a certified yoga teacher also). When I started Yoga, I could not even do 'Down Dog', because my wrists wouldn't support me, now I can do even Handstand, when prepared sensible.
Wrist problems are very common and I was very disappointed by the article, as I find it not very helpful. Even without putting any pressure on the wrists, there is enough Yoga for people with wrist problems and even Yoga that can help heal common wrist problems. Please address this issue with more depth.


Is not where is the pain ,is the "why" ,is there something in our life the trigger our pain,.If Im happy there is no hurt in any pose ,if my life is crazy every part hurts. Lets check the WHY.So lets just practise with no worrys,we are just experimenting something diferent every day,Namaste!


Hi there,
unfortunately this article is rather superficial. I have chronic problems with my right hand (cause: ganglion) and according to my doctors I shouldn't do yoga because my body is not built for that (!!!). My impression is that my problem is due to something in my shoulder. I am always disappointed with articles like above as they just mention the most common symptoms (e.g. carpal tunnel syndrome) with some general advice. I am a long time practitioner of yoga and I know all this general advice... so I am always disappointed. I would appreciate if yoga journal would start a health column or health series examining health issues in a more comprehensive way.


Thank you. I've been dealing with a rotator cuff for 2-3 months and have found I will have to wait it out. Weight bearing is not possible, so I'm always looking for other options. Thank you.

Caroline S

This is so helpful! I broke my wrist 2 months ago and I haven't done much yoga during this period of healing. I really miss Downward-Facing Dog. No Sun Salutations for a while; makes me appreciate my regular practice so much more!

Ahnne Staven

I have chronic fatigue syndrome and fibromyalgia
and I'm concerned about injuring myself, as it
is very easy for me to do so,.

Do you have any suggestions?

Thank you.


Ms. Ahnne K. Staven

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