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For the safest and most effective do-it-yourself bodywork, check out the MELT Method also known as Hands-Off Bodywork. MELT provides systematic and completely safe techniques using specialize balls and a soft body roller. I have been taking classes for a year and it has changed my life. The cost of getting the MELT tools is a drop in the bucket compared to the benefits you will receive.

Salle Huber

The cylindrical shape of the roller has long been a favorite of bodyworkers for helping clients open up the pecs and massage the shoulder girdle.
As we learn more about the body, and the connective tissue specifically, we now know a softer touch affects the body substantially more than the "no pain/no gain" approach of a hard roller. So remember to do these helpful moves on the MELT Method soft body roller, designed by manual therapist,Sue Hitzmann.


You can also release your back by using the two balls in a sock up against a door jamb. just lean against it, press your hands against the opposite door jamb and push. you can roll the sock up and down your spine, it will often release your vertebrae.

Emily S.

I could have written the other Emily's comment because I went through the same thing in physical therapy. The foam roll is not really the same as a rolled up yoga mat because it is a firm foam- it won't squish down under weight which is what my yoga mat would do. Instead you can gently rock side to side to get out all those knots by your shoulder blades. I love it and go through the trouble of moving it with me every time I move.


you can also just roll up your yoga mat and use that...

Dale Mc

You can also place a single tennis ball in a sock, throw it over your shoulder while hanging on to the top of the sock. Lean with your back against a wall and raise or lower the tennis ball to an area that is sore. Roll back and forth on the ball while leaning against the wall and massage away the pain.


The foam roll is worth the investment. I bought it for physical therapy three years ago and still use it. My friends have tried it when visiting and fallen in love with it! You can also buy "half" foam rolls that are closer to the ground and have a flat side. My therapist started me with the half roll because it is less challenging at first if the back is really sore and tight since there is not so much balancing involved and you are closer to the ground. Some people find the full foam roll a little too much at first but once you use it enough for short periods of time, you get more relaxed and it becomes simply bliss!


I love this article! And it is very helpful and inspiring! Great Job!

Portia Manlapaz Mendez

This article will really help millions of people it says that stress is the cause of all illness and by doing this technique it strengthens the immune system.
Thank you and God bless.

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