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Agree completely with Claire!


I teach k-6 art at three buildings and go to two buildings a day. I had complained of never having what I need at the place that I need it to administration in an attempt to get textbooks and better technology. This year, I received none of those things but now teach a library class in addition to what I already have. I still love what I do which is teach the joy of art and learning to kids. That idea plus yoga is what keeps me going.


What is the difference between Hatha Yoga and Ashtanga Yoga. Arent they both related to the Eight Limbs of Yoga?

Claire Smith

As an American living and working in Europe for the past 16 years, I concur with Nichole and Ernest - the work/life balance in the EU makes for a healthier, happier, productive population. Perhaps it's time for the new world to learn from the old.


You suggest free help in reducing stress and then have a link that offers two free months with a commitment to pay. Stress!! In this sapposedly first world country no-one knows the reason for stress. It is all the things that are thrown at you; all the bills to pay; all the relationships that are false and only want personal gain. Please stop sollicting me for Yoga. I only took a subscription because my girlscout grand niece needed some stress related help in her brownie troop. Listen-up! Por favor.


Concerning the example of Karl LaRowe - it sounds like his second job is much different than the previous job in the emrgency room.

I'm sure that his new found understanding of controlling stress through mind and body work make a huge difference, but lets not forget that some jobs, no matter how enlightened we are, are stressful by nature and that making a change to the job itself is sometimes the best solution.


After moving to the UK I fell in love with the work schedule. I miss my CA climate and NY fashion but long weekends and full 2 to 3 week vacations are so rewarding. Its not bad putting in crazy hours as long as you're grounded and get to take time off to recharge. I'd love to see a movement to change the work attitude of the US in general.

Ernest van der Velden

Why are USA-workers accepting those extremely long working weeks? Why is there no change at all in this killing way of producing extra hours in stead of thinking about working less in the USA? One of the reasons I never really thought about going to the USA to find there a job, has to do with this in my view crazy working habit. It is a enormous puzzle for Europeans why this goes on and on. Yoga is only a partial solution to solve this big problem.

Andrea Dalton

Read this article!!!! Especially when you feel like yoga is too much of an effort. Or when anything is an effort.

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