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Kelsey @

i loved reading this! thanks! <3


hi. i have a question to you. my backbone is nit straight but not in a chronic condition. i have always wanted know which yoga position (any treatment based on yoga) is the best choice for me


I love to do at home treatments! Body brushing then bathing with a fabulous soap...(I love Dr. Bronners )..but Chantale, what oils have you used and are your favs? And mentioned thourough bliss a couple of days after and whites of your eyes were clearer...I would love to have clear whites! maybe my body is in a inbalanced! What can i do to whiten up?! I have friends that their whites are so white they look blue! but clear and beautiful! I live clean and need a few suggestions from any one....thanks...namaste!


Hey Angela, hopefully you're feeling better and enjoying your own home-spa with extremely affordable and easy Ayurveda recipes that are accecible to us in books and online. It seems like self-Abhyanga massage would be perfect for you right now. Simply massage olive or sesame oil onto your face, scalp and body, and then lleave it for 10-60 minutes, then shower. I also don't go to spas however articles like these inspire me to pamper myself to some tried and true home recipes from nature's cubbard. Take care of yourself and most of all don't let your angry feelings eat you up. Peace be with you.


Angela, I do see what you're saying. I'm sure the author of this article had good intention of informing, but it does seem a bit out of reach for a lot of people. I notice it particularly in the ads on the side columns for expensive yoga clothes. It's sad to see that these techniques have come from a traditional pious physical and mental discipline to the new market to cash in on. I would just suggest to be patient - you are, after all, reading a magazine - and magazines do have to make money to keep going! Unfortunately, it does often seem that yoga and ayurvedic treatments etc are out of reach for a lot of people. I live in a very progressive city and I see the disparity here a lot. Mostly well-educated, wealthy folks are able to "afford" the luxury of good health and it seems even this lifestyle has become like that as well. I don't think you're at all selfish and I think you have every right to be aggravated. I'd remind Anna Helper that opening your heart applies to everyone - even those who are upset. We all have that right.

Anna Halper

Why be so angry? Maybe one day you can go or maybe somebody can afford. Open up your heart, some people cannot even eat.


She's just informing you of what's out there? Just because you can't afford it doesn't mean that the information isn't valuable, and that others can't. Don't be so selfish, if it irritates you so much, why did you read it?

anna Breese

I cant find a telephone no for your journal I subscribed through the mail my check went through I havent received my journal nor the remedies free book ?


These kinds of articles irritate me. I cannot afford an Ayurvedic spa day and I'm certain that many others are in my shoes. I would suggest writing about something that could possibly be in more people's reach.

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