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Veena Grover RYT

Dreams are the representation of your thoughts.Let them flow,if you block them, they will keep coming like a shadow, dark or blocked.Flow with dream & it will take you all the way through your brainwaves like a map & you will find ultimately salvation to God.Try to surrender yourself to Higher power, before you sleep,do your prayers & you will have pleasant dreams during your sleep.We learn t this technique in India from Golden Temple during Kundalini yoga practice.You miss your loved ones, who are no longer with us physically, but you fray for their departed soul & feel their love around you & they come & bless you .Dreaming is not bad, if we dream not with restriction & make dreams your friends, hug them & they will be show their Angel Face to you. Blessings, Veena


Almost all dreams are lucid - just not remembered - our thoughts are real - life is what is a dream - Be in the Moment of Now


There's a new book with lots of examples and techniques -- Lucid Dreaming: Gateway to the Inner Self by Robert Waggoner -- even a chapter on healing your self in a lucid dream

very interesting, My first dreams of flying started with running and jumping off the ground and staying in the air for a moment,after years of this dream i have control to fly at will,but not the place were im at


The book "Lucid Dreaming" written by Stephen LaBerge, will give you step by step instructions on how to learn lucid dreaming. The book originally came out in the late 80's and I read it then. I began experiencing lucidity in my dreams immediately upon practicing the excercises in the book. When you are lucid in the dream, however, it is extremely hard to hold onto. But keep practicing. I really do see lucid dreaming as a "yogic" thing. It has been studied here in the US for years.


Now that you got me excited about it,how do I do it.


I've found yogic dream study helpful and I use the method described in "Realities of the Dreaming Mind".
Here's a link:

ann b_d

Yeah - it all sounds quite intriguing, but WHAT exactly IS it and how do you learn to do it?


sidne, check out to find directions.


Same here.. I want to lucid dream.How dou you get there?

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