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Tara T.

Have you consulted a chiropractor? Perhaps one who works with infants seeing that you have osteoporosis and should be handled genlty with great care.

mary ann reynolds

hi, elise. i want to share some information here. (and thank you for your great videos for scoliosis.) you state that the cause of scoliosis is unknown in most cases. i recently learned first hand that a misaligned atlas (top vertebrae) was the cause of scoliosis that i'd had since at least my early 20s. (i'm 56 now). in two adjustments, the curvature left my spine and my hips became level. i have been doing yoga for 11 years. yoga has been fantastic for my body and will always be! NUCCA chiropractors do this kind of adjustment. there is no claim that it can help ALL cases of scoliosis, but it might be worth a try for some.

Sarah Creane

Apologies my email address is:

I'm not sure where to get the reply so I have left my email address - many thanks,

Sarah Creane


Even though extremely young, I was shocked to hear at the age of 17 that I had osteporosis; an old person's disease. This was unfortunately due to a 3/4 year period of anorexia. I did not feel pain at all and continued normally everyday as a teenager but making sure to take in large quantities of calcium, I was also put on the pill; dianette to help regain the oestrogen I'd lost. I am now 26 years of age and for the last year I have been having chronic headaches. I have been told it is to due with a neck problem, but no matter how many top consultants I have seen they cannot tell me what the neck problem is or how I can get over this. I'm just being put on strong painkillers and anti-depressants to help me cope as this daily pain is affecting my whole life. Can somebody help me or give some advice as what you think is wrong with my neck? Do you think yoga could help me or is this pain just from the osteoporosis & I will jst have to put up with it as the disease is iriversable? Even as I write this I feel like crying with the pain as my skull feels likeit is going to explode. I am sorry for moaning on but I would love some advice from somebody.

Thanks you & God bless,



I've been doing Yoga for 13 years now. It has helped me tremendously. I have scoliosis and western doctors tell me that I should be in a wheel chair. All they want to do is give me drugs and send me on my way. I'm glad and thankful for holistic healing and eastern philosophy. without those two things in my life, I'd defintely be in a wheel chair.


thank you for your article! I have severe scoliosis and have been doing yoga for about three years. I feel so much better after I do it! My favorite back stretch is upward bow.


I was diagnosed with mild scoliosis in elementary school. I'm now 38 yrs old and over the years have noticed more pain in my lower back; also haver herniated disc. A friend who teaches yoga turned me on to a few poses to stretch my back and I've been doing that now for about 6 months and have noticed a difference; although she wasn't as familiar with scolisosis, she forwarded your article to me and I'm grateful.


Hi! I'm glad to read your article which convince me that yoga really helpful for scoliosis. I'm 21 years old, I found out that I have scoliosis when I'm thirteen. My situation is more or less same as yours. My doctor suggested me to go for surgery, but I refuse to do so. Besides, I'm practicing yoga right now. May I have your suggestion?

Ray G.

I am looking for the same items, I have really bad lower back issues and suffer from sciatica in my left leg and havn't been able to feel it for over five years now, my hopes and dreams of being a FBI profiler are now lost because of the accident. So if there is any info for relief it would greatly appriate it.
thanks so much to anyone that responds



this is the article i've been looking for! Is there something like this in yogajournal magazine? I'm getting my first edition this December. Or do you have any further reading source on yoga for back problem (low back pain, HNP, etc.)? Thanks a bunch.

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