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i` ve had neck surgery back surgery , want to learn how to do yoga , but concerned about my neck it is hard to do the positions , bare with me I`m new , but have read and research yoga sounds more what I`m looking for is there any dvds that help with people with injuries ?

Susan Brooks

Dear Cynthia

I too, have been studying Anusara and now have been teaching (though I am not certified) for the past year and a half. You do not mention where your bunions are located or how they impact your foot movement. But for someone who has broken as many toes as I have, and the fact that I had Plantar Facitis when I began doing yoga 4 years ago, presented a deep challenge for myself. I am also a former dancer with terribly flat feet that I abused for 50 some years.

Through a dedicated effort of working on these issues, I no longer have Plantar Facitis and I now have a arch in my feet after 56 years.

And when I snapped my little toe in class last year (catching it on my mat), I struggled with getting movement back in that foot for the next 8 months. My point? Is that you have to take the Anusara principals of connecting the four corners of you feet into the earth, rooting down much like a plant and work them... and work them.... and work them. Big accomplishments start with small movements.

Here is what I tell my students: Start with the mound of the big toe and root it firmly into the earth. Then draw energy back to the inside upper edge of the heal and connect it as firmly. This initiates the inner spiral.

Keeping both those points firmly rooted, next connect the mound of the little toe firmly into the earth and then draw that energy back to the outside upper edge of the heal. Viola'! You are now firmly connected.

Over the years, I have observed Warrior 1 done with either the heel up or down depending upon the preference of the instructor (Anusara).

What I suspect (from observing many of my students, let alone my self) is that you may be loosing your inner spiral on your back leg.

I teach Warrior 1 with the heel down in back, asking students to root the outside edges (mounds of little toe and outer heel) firmly into the earth. This is where most people seem to loose it. This connection helps maintain the inner spiral energy.

I hope this helps. Please feel free to contact me directly or better yet, go to and write John asking for a bit more information.

Sue Brooks
The Woodlands, TX

Cynthia B HIll

As a reflexologist and yoga enthusist I have, for years studied the feet. While there is no cookie-cutter answer to bunions, there is much that reflexology in conjunction with yoga can address. My e-mail is I'll be glad to expound on the subject.


Another terrific YJ article! Thank you for this helpful article that clearly reviews foot problems, explains the reasons for dealing with them, and provides such simple ways to improve those problems. I appreciate your ongoing efforts to make my yoga journey even more interesting.
Many thanks.

cynthia jean pierce

i sent the message last night about bunions and how to compensate. I realized this morning that you did not have a way to respond.

I am not sure if it was even appropriate to ask my question here, but I see no other place on the website. What I really need to know is how to research bunions in Yoga Journal magazine. Maybe there was an article somewhere along the way?

My e-mail adress is

The type of yoga I am doing is Anusara. The founder of Anusara, John Friend, was just here in Columbia SC for a weekend workshop, and I was hoping for help there, but the issue was not much addressed. A few comments only.

Please tell me how to research your magazine or tell me where I can get this info. I have looked all over the internet. This has got to be a common problem. Many women have bunions. Perhaps those who do have bunions drop out of yoga at one point or another because it is hopeless????

Please help!!! I love doing yoga but am severely impeded in my very foundation.

Sincerely, Cynthia Jean Pierce


cynthia pierce

I am researching bunions and how to compensate for them in yoga. I've been doing yoga for about 9 months and am very involved in it, maybe 4-5 times per week. I love it, but am so very frustrated with my bunions.

My foundation is not the same. My 4 points on my foot are not aligned. I cannot do tree pose to save my soul, and warrior I must be done with the back foot down. Balance is terrible, and I am not improving. This is just a sample of the impact of the bunions on my practice.

I have done a special session with my yoga teacher to help with this. She has given me a few ideas, ie. the Warrior I with back foot down. I went to a yoga workshop this weekend and asked for help and got none.

Surely there is some information out there to help with this problem. I am not the only one. There are a lot of people out there with bunions, especially women.

I would like to know if Yoga Journal has any articles to address this issue. Perhaps, it would not be deemed and "attractive" enough subject for an article in yoga journal, but it is a real issue for many people. I bet the drop out rate for people with bunions trying to do yoga is very high. I look around the room in my yoga class and see few with bunions. The normal population has a much higher percent.

Fortunately, I have no other physical limitation. Everyone has something to deal with in yoga, I am told. But this is my very foundation.

Please tell me if Yoga Journal has ever addressed this issue and may I see the article if you have. If not, perhaps, you would be willing to refer me somewhere for help, or reading.

Thank you for your attention to my very real problem.

Cynthia Pierce

Danielle McNish

It's amazing sometimes how we neglect our bodies... and fail to 'maintain' some of our crucial body parts...

Melissa Garrett

Glad to get some advice in this area... I work retail, so I am on my feet all day, and boy do they hurt!

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