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rachel wiess

well now he's rich and famous (like he dreamt) and laughing all the way to the bank

Veena Grover RYt

I enjoyed reading the above article about Laughing Yoga.It heals internal negative thoughts & make you relaxed.I watched "king's speech movie" the speech therapist tried to do activities with future king just silly things,relaxing face,crawling on the floor & let go.I repeat those moves in the class & it opens lot of hidden energy channels & students laugh & laugh.Please,laugh with silly things.Discipline is good, but too much discipline turns in to negative challenges.


I love the article. I believe that I survived ALL leukemia throgh laughter and yoga. I would love to join a yoga laughter class. My daughter lives in Oakland. I live in Napa. i would like to be trained in yoga laughter. I want to teach it. i am a teacher and I do yoga. I am on no medication now after a stem cell transplant from leukemia. I feel that I want to be a healer after I have healed myself. Do you have any suggestions as to teachers to contact so that I can teach this to children and adults?

Jonathan Green

This an exceptional article and like the previous comment made by Suzanne, "laugher really is the best medicine." I find it fascinating how you combine yoga with laughter and I support any ideas and methods that increase and promote positive moods, wellness, wholeness, and healing



Carmela Carlyle M.A., RYT, CLYT

I am a Certified Laughter Yoga Teacher, trained by Dr. Kataria himself, who has integrated Laughter Yoga into all aspects of my counseling & yoga teaching practice. As an Eldercare Specialist, I lead many Laughter Yoga groups with elders in residential communities, including dementia care settings and at Elder Care events and conferences. I offer an Arm Chair Laughter Yoga Club, twice a month, that is hosted at a Retirement Community. All of the laughter exercises are done while seated in chairs, or wheelchairs. Not only is it a great form of exercise, participants report that it "lifts their spirits" and "drives away the blues" while "having fun with their neighbors. A sense of community."

I saw that one your readers, Ruth, is asking for a laughter 'tape or CD' to use with seniors. As an ElderCare Specialist I would recommend that she take the two day Certifed Laughter Yoga Leader training and learn a little about the contra-indications of laughter for people with certain health conditions. Laughter Yoga enhances circulation, lowers blood presure and radically oxygenates all organs, including the brain. However, it is not recommended for people with epilepsy or those who suffer other kinds of seizures and should not be done within three months of surgery. Be careful of doing inversions when you bend over to do the big exhales --- it is not good for elders with glaucoma bend over! I train others in how to safely do laughter yoga with elders:
ForCDs and DVDs visit:


I really do Believe that "laughter is the Best Medicine"! It fills your entire body with joy and lightness. Try it!

Ruth Sanmiguel

I need a Tape or C.D. with a laughing to use for my group in the sinirorcenter; can you help me with some information?thank, Ruth

Ruth Sanmiguel

I need a Tape or C.D. with a laughing to use for my group in the sinirorcenter; can you help me with some information?thank, Ruth


I recently learned about laughter yoga and I am facinated with the benfits of laughing even while practicing yoga. One day i will incoporate laughter in my yoga sessions. :)

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