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With crazy comments from people like Jeri, it sure doesn't make me want to do this suggested fast!


What are the recommended amounts of tea to brew from slippery elm, dandelion (root or leaves?) milk thistle and licorice? I have begun a gall bladder flush today in preparation for a three day fast, as described above. Plan to make Cleansing Kitchari for breaking the fast. Looking forward to mental and spiritual clarity!


Is there a guide w/recipes on how to do this fast safely?


I am doing the 3 day juice fast, but I introduced it to my body by eating raw fruits and veggies 2 days before the juicing and I will work my body out of it the same way. My first meal will be soup . If I feel good I will steam up some fruits and veggies with rice. I hope I'm able to drink my yerba and eat some white fish by the 8th day. I started this with a friend so its helped me get through it. She doeant have a phone so we talk about it over MySpace. Its funny, the things we crave. She really funny, she imagined walking steak. ME, its been slurpies ( never drink those things, not since I was a kid), and sesame sticks (never eat those either).

Day 1; I was really irritable that day. But I made it trough the day without even realizing it until it was bedtime. I practiced Ashtanga/flow that day. Got my ass kicked, but I also haven't been practicing much at all the past 6 months-that makes me very sad. Sometimes we just get into a rut.

Oh, and for the first 2 days I had horrible headaches by the evening.

Day 2; felt like shit. It was a tough day. My head makes this congested, ringing sound and it feels airy.

Day 3;I loaded up on more water and went on a bike ride, later I went to bed next to my (annoying) boyfriend. He is really horny, but I dont feel like having sex right now. Sex is out the window for me since the fast. I was delirious all day. But I have a lot of shit to figure out so I sorted a lot out that day too.

Day 4;
Tired of the juice. Still smoking pot.

Good luck, you can do this. Its really about fighting your desires. My boyfriend cooked a delicious meal and basically ate it in front of me (he doesn't really think about his environment). But I fought through it because I'm a warrior!

I think it'll be good from here on out. I can feel it. My head feels good, I feel light, free. I was in a car accident so my neck is detoxing too. It hurts but hopefully it will help me when I'm an old woman.



I just finished my 3-day liquid fast and enjoyed it very much. I feel clear. But, I tend to agree with ananda's comment below regarding lack on information on how to begin and end this fast.

One thing that helped: I ate a lite meal the night before I began (soup, detox tea). Also, I wish I had known to ease back into solid food after day 3. I would recommend a very lite meal: soup with solids, then the next day grains and steamed veggies. I ate too big at first (I was so sick of liquids!!), and my tummy rebelled.

Yes, day 1 is the worst, be prepared. I was tired and grumpy on day 1, but on day 2 (I took the day off) I was more comfortable, peaceful and reflective.


When one fasts, one should make sure to get ample time to relax at home without too many distractions and stress. Fast is a time to think and cleanse not only your physical body, but also your spiritual sphere. I do not think one should go to work when going on a fast for a few days.

Denise K

I agree with all the above comments AND PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE... I know sooo many anorexic/bulemic or past eating disordered individuals... myself being one of them!!!! and they find solace/ practice yoga. medical warnings should be provided and individuals should consult their MD's before doing something possible destructive such as this!!!!!


Fasting like this has not worked for me. sometimes even the teas recommended can make you sick if you HAVE digestion problems. Some people say if you get sick, it is working because you are ridding yourself of toxins. I don't really buy that. Maybe trying to eat fresher foods for a period of time is better or just getting out more and taking in the fresh spring air.


The idea is excellent, clean your body and get it ready for summer. Unfortunately the information to do it is next to non existent for those of us who would be trying it for the first time.

Josefa Ruiz

Magnificient advice I had done it in the past and will retake that habit again. Thanks for reminding.

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