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Thank you for your words and inspiration, Lilith!


There is a distinct note of disdain towards Type 2 diabetics in this article, and the comments following it. The chance of developing type 2 diabetes rocket if your parents have it, and it is indeed *genetic*. Willing it to miss you with 'good diet' doesn't work if you have those factors already in place, just like positive thinking doesn't avoid cancer or heart attacks. Guess what? Thin people get Type 2 as well, and can get it earlier than ever now.

Yoga Journal seems to cultivate the idea that it's okay to lack compassion towards diabetics if it's the 'bad kind' of diabetes. Nice one.


This is a very nice article, however I must interject that Type 1 diabetes is not caused by over consumption of "bad" foods and unbalanced doshas. The immune system attacks the insulin producing cells in the pancreas. Essentially, the type 1 diabetic has an over active immune system. What you have described is Type 2 diabetes, which is completely a dosha imbalance.

My source? Type 1 diabetic with perfect blood sugars (3 month average blood sugars are 120) for 17 years and yoga practitioner.

Otherwise, thank you for helping to educate the yoga community about Type 1 diabetes


I would also like to know if there are poses to ease the pain of a cracked rib, it hurts when I get out of bed, when I cough, sneeze, breathe deeply or bend over.

Lillibeth Ackbarali

Dear Lauren: Kieran said..."Thank you for sharing your beautiful story"... and ayurvedic experience...I applaud you and marvel at your courage and determination!!! It's wonderful that you actually live and breathe the yoga and ayurvedic life!!! I have promised myself to adopt an ayurvedic regime . - little by little - by the end of 2010, and do hope to spend some time next year at an ayurvedic institute/spa/environment. I have been practising Yoga since 1973. Yoga Journal is all the better for your presence with them. Stay well, be happy and enjoy life!! Lillibeth


I need help yoga journal!!First i have been doing yoga for almost 2 yrs and love it and will do it for the rest of my time here anyway,i recently got in a bad car accidant.Have alway had more trouble on my right side of my body and that is the side which got hit.I have a couple of cracked ribs and bone chip on my foot ,My question is how do i ease back into yoga?Also i was thinking of acupuncture as a remedy too.PLEASE give me some advice???


Thank you for sharing your beautiful story.

Amyjo Lemley

Hello. I would like to begin learning yoga; however, yoga that is good for me and do not know where to begin. I have been receiving now, three issues of Yoga. I have multiple sclerosis; however, one cannot tell by looking at me, I am not wheelchair bound, walk fine. I am sore all of the time, a lot of tightness in my body. I would like to know what would be the appropriate yoga for me, i.e., stretching, strengthening, etc. If someone could guide me in the right direction I would really appreciate it and so would my body!


I want to share this with everyone I know. Thank you for this beautiful article!


Thank you for sharing your story. It was touching. I have only touched on ayurveda in some yoga books but have not tried it. Your article has piqued my curiosity and I'll definitely be checking it out soon.

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