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First of all you can't treat yourself on dosha alone. You have to know the elements and qualities that are involved with what your dealing with. Doshas are general..Secondlily in this article note that doing seasonal and daily regimes is more important than "Eating for your dosha". You only eat for your dosha when it is out of balance, and that is a tricky thing...


I'm Vata and my Pitta has increased. What's the best way to address the Pitta dosha without impacting my primary Vata dosha?


i am a Pitta with a vata mind. My daughter is a kapha. I need ideas on how to relate to her and understand her.


i'm kapha body but vata mind. i'd love to read what's good for me.


i just "discovered my dosha" and I am equally vata pitta and that rare? I'm guessing that this is a good thing.


I too have a Pitta body but a vata mind... How would I handle that?.... Because the light, boney Vata can eat the heavy foods but although that would settle my anxiety it would add to weight gain for me because my body is a Pitta....


I too have tested to have a kapha body but a pitta mind. Haven't seen much to adress that side of when to eat what?

That would be very nice to read about


I have a pitta mind (firey) and a Kapha body
by nature (slow metabolism low blood pressure)

What foods work best?

Explain further the three doshas and their inter-action with specific foods.

You suggest a blanace in all three food categories? what about those (not myself)
who are over weight



Inaccurate information. Vata constitution can have spicy foods and hot foods. Katja Patel's comment on pitta is correct as well. This article should be corrected as it is very misleading.


how can I know what type of dosha I am ?

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