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Noelle-I'm the same way! I get so aggravated from repeating SunSals. I actually warm up by jumping on a minitrampoline, or doing other cardio to get my muscle working before a whole yoga practice.


It is enjoyable that we are continuing our growth of Ayurveda and Yoga however it is interesting that we continue to cross polinate in such a way that neither of them hold their initial interests. Sure ayurveda can heal the body and mind but traditionally it rarely includes asana and/or pranayama. Dosha is not a term to just coin a specific position. Mas Vida says something very intersting on the bio-individual aspect. Sure you may be vata with a dash of pitta but you also have kapha and all these other elements exist. They are all inclusive. We could really help ayurveda without limiting the practice to vata, pitta or kapha and discontinue limiteing yoga to the doshas and return to the guna framework which it operates on. One may ask, if we look at the practice of ayurvedic sceinces as a complete holistic medicine then loosely throwing vata, pitta, kapha has noteablly caused a mental framework that seems more harmful and categorical rather than healing on a mind or body level.


I have a serious problem with the sun salutations that every class or video seems to force upon me. One round is fine. I just don't enjoy having the same muscles overworked repeatedly, and heating up my body in this manner. I work out pretty much every day, and I feel that my yoga practice should balance, calm, stretch, and strengthen me.

Is this a Pitta thing? I was reading another article that suggested Moon salutations, and I can do a few of those. I follow at-home routines by David Frawley and other Ayurvedic resources.

Do I need to do endless rounds of sun salutations? They are the reason I don't ever want to take a class!


I'm predominantly Kapha. I feel even more lethargic after a 20 minute yoga nidra and so stopped going to classes with any extended periods of this practice. An energizing practice makes me feel so much better and I prefer to finish off with some form of pranayama rather than savasana.

David Freedman

Asanas can be modified for specific doshas, within a certain limit, using different breathing techniques while holding the pose, performing the movement fast or slow, or by increasing or decreasing the number of repetitions. Some poses should be avoided depending on your dosha type, although their are varying opinions on which asanas are best suited for which doshas. The best way to know if a pose is good for you or not is to learn the basics of Ayurvedic diagnosis, so that you can recognize the effect a pose has on your body, and then either avoid that pose or modify it. For a basic introduction to Ayurvedic diagnosis please visit

David Freedman, Certified Ayurvedic Practitioner


for skincare according to the doshas visit It is wonderful and a great support to daily wellbeing regimes


you can check this web site and books, articles . you might find the answer for your needs:
It's for Mohan who is the a personal student to T. Dri Krishnamacaraya for 18 yearss..

hope that will help


You must use care with eucalyptus. It does open the lungs, but is considered very toxic by Australian indigeous peolple. It shouldn't really be ingested, inhlaed or eaten. Better to substitute tea tree, it has a similar effect but not toxic.


Good article. Can someone recomend a book about the doshas as well as the Yoga asanas for each one.

Thank you,


jenny miller

Where you start to find out what herbs treat what ailment? There is a site being built which provides a starting point for finding and comparing treatments.

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