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The canning process deactivates the enzyme bromelain so stick to fresh pineapple juice.


Walking barefoot roughens up your feet. Keeping them too moist givees fungus the chance to grow. So use slippers or sandals. Use a pumice, lotion, and scrub.


funny comment jim

Rajendar Menen

Keep moving: both the legs and the feet. Move all the toes in every direction, walk barefoot on grass and on sand and at home. Walk on pebbles. massage feet with oil, any oil. Change shoes frequently and wear clean socks. Powder feet too. Let the blood flow in all directions. Ground rule for the body: use it or lose it. Ditto with feet. Integral part of the body.


try this: 4 drops of grapeseed extract with 4 drops of essential lavender or peppermint oil with 3 tablespoons of epsom salt & 4 tablespoons of baking soda. Add to warm water & soak feet for 12 minutes instead of a pumice stone use a foot file to slough off dead skin. dry feet well, sprinkle with mix of baking soda & cornstarch option add a few drops of lavender or peppermint oil.

The grapeseed extract is a natural anti-fungal & bactericide the natural oils soothe tired feet and have deoderant abillities baking soda not only removes odor but softens the skin. by using a disposable foot file that's pennies on the dollars you can eliminate the potential skin infection that can come from a pumice stone. those little holes can breed bacteria therefore increasing your problem.

jim woolley

the feet should be amputated at an early age so as to enhance the evolutionary processes of adaptation, compensation, and survival.


try a warm soak of a cup of lemon juice and a half cup each of epsom salts, grape fruit and orange juice. that helps with the dead skin and with sore feet. i supose it would also help if they stank, it has a lovely long lasting citrus aroma.


Canned pineapple won't contain bromelain as it is an enzyme and so will be destroyed by the canning process

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