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I have tried successfully for alcohol cravings with Pranayama. I don't know if it will work for sugar or no.

Nr. Lasse

@sugar mama. Hi there. Talking from my own personal experience, I lost my high sugar cravings when I startet eating a large breakfast. It was not my intention, but it just happened. I have found that I can almost skip sugar, when my body is fully nourish throughout the day by healthy whole food choices. As said protein is great and so is healthy fats! yes you heard right. They keep my full longer, extinguishes my hunger and satisfies my body. use cold pressed un-refined oils.

Another 'trick' is to start using honey and unrefined sugars (like demarera or molasses). Honey is twice as sweet as sugar, so you can use less with more effect and it is much more satisfying for the tastebuds and your body. Same thing with the other sugars, but they can be more difficult to get used to. They work extremely well with coffee.

Science backs me up: When your body is in need of nutrients it switch your brains on to think about and search for a 'quick fix' as soon as possible. only sugars can satisfy that fix, and you get serious sugar cravings. It works both on the mental and physical levels, so it is a really strong force! The solution is therefore to avoid those "hunger holes" where you need those quick fixes.

This is just my personal experience and a short intro. Fibers might also help you. Search on Mama! :-)


According to my training with Dr. Vasant Lad, sugar cravings are the result of either 1) lack of protein in the diet or 2)high pitta - the body is trying to cool itself, and the sweet taste is very cooling.

Sugar Mama

Does anyone know how to decrease sugar cravings? I am vegetarian and eat decently healthy but am always craving sweets. Would appreciate any tips.

Arnie Welber

I consume vegetarian digestive enzymes. Maybe 15 each day. All depends on if I am eating 'living' food or 'fired' food. As we sage our digestive enzymes (hydrochloric acid) reduce. Digestive enzymes give opportunity to the digestive organs to rest and not work so hard!:-)

Peter Borten, L.Ac.

DJ: I disagree. Partly, what you say is rather confusing, so I don't even know how to speak to that. As a medical practitioner, though, I understand the biochemical processes whereby we get energy from food. As a Qigong practitioner and teacher, I have perceived firsthand the energy in food, the differences between different foods, and the wide range of possibilities regarding how we utilize or fail to utilize this energy.
Calories are units of energy and thus food is energy in material form. It is converted to biochemical energy through the process of digestion. What happens to nutrients that are ingested in our food is largely a matter of how effective our absorption is. And various metabolic processes that affect absorption can all be understood as expressions of the concept of Agni in Ayurvedic medicine. Ayurvedic (and other) herbs most definitely can enhance absorption, resulting in greater nutritional benefit from what we eat. Moreover, they can enhance excretion of toxins.

DJ Martin

There is NO WAY that "In Ayurvedic cooking, it is believed that within them lies the medicine of optimal health and long life, aiding digestion and ensuring that more energy and fewer toxins are taken into the body. " Energy is expelled, a direct effect of nutrients, NOT "taken" into the body. Listen to your inner voice and discover the truth. Energy is simply a manifestation of the end product of the nutrients that "allow" it be. No disrespect intendented.

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