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Natural ingredients can, contrary to what most people believe, be extremely harsh on your skin. The same misled people believe that Parabens are dangerous which is completely false. Large companies like Johnson & Johnson have conducted studies that prove this. It's not a mistake that you will find Paraben in Baby oil. People need to get off the "organic hype train"!


The "safest preservatives" ARE *NOT* PARABENS!!! Healthy products exist without parabens, they smell wonderful or you can always mix your own moisturizers!


I had breast cancer in 2005. I can assure you that most breast cancer survivors avoid parabens!


Parabens have been found in cancerous tumours.

They've also been found in blueberries.

It's important to learn to differentiate between research and scare-mongering.


Wow. I've always thought of Yoga Journal as giving, good, healthy advice. With this article you have lost a lot of credibility with me. I honestly can't fathom how this got published in your magazine. Don't your editors do any fact-checking?


Thank you two for bringing up the health hazards of parabens. This was starting to sound like industry propaganda. I felt myself getting skeptical of the good information that surely was included- I am allergic to ragweed and love chamomile... Things to consider, thanks for the balance.


"some of the safest....parabens..."
in a yoga journal article about natural products!
i think yoga journal editors need to visit the EWG site.

Tiffany Shaddock-Ramsey

This is the most inaccurate and disturbing article I've EVER read from yoga journal! Parabens are absolutely NOT safe. Not only are they "linked" to cancer, they're actually found in cancerous tumors. They CAUSE CANCER! They've actually been banned in European cosmetics, but the USDA has yet to catch on. They mimic estrogen, which disrupts hormonal activity and are especially dangerous for pregnant women. As for anything petroleum derived or harsh surficants, as yogis, we must be more concerned with our planet than our appearance. These are not only NOT at all Eco friendly, but they're also not good for humans. Petroleum is linked to cancer and harsh surficants (such as sodium lauryl sulfate) causes such changes in and on the human body that it's recommended to avoid as much as possible. I'm a professional cosmetologist. I LOVE my beauty products. Absolutely none of my products use any of these harmful ingredients, nor harmful preservatives. Aveda, Origins, Avalon Organics are just some of the MANY brands that are without the ingredients you so naively listed as "safe". You stick to yoga, and let the holistic beauty professionals advise on "safe, natural beauty".

No Parabens!

Do the research on Parabens... they are not safe!


The Environmental Working Group has a database where you can type in the name of your cosmetics and it will tell you what's harmful in it and how big a risk you are taking it by using it. It also has recommendations for hundreds of other safe and organic products. I find this database very useful when shopping for lotion, sunscreen, make-up, shampoo and everything else. It's free! (athough you should make a little donation if you use the service!)

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