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VJ is correct in noting that white rice and brown rice are expressions of the amount the rice has been processed. So, white rice is the same grain as brown rice, but just processed more.
We cannot speculate about "Ayurveda" describing white or brown rice here. We need to go back to specific classic Ayurvedic texts, and read them in Sanskrit even lest meaning get lost in translation, to verify any of the "Ayurvedic" claims posted on Yoga Journal. Moreover, if we look at the history and development of Indian medicine, we will quickly realize there is no singular Ayurveda, there are multiple Ayurvedic traditions. These traditions loosely resemble each other, but were codified in certain times and places to give the illusion that it was always the same tradition, unchanging, ancient. Yoga Journal, we love you, but your writers on "Ayurveda" are perpetuating these unquestioned assumptions. History can explain a lot about all the Ayurvedas we have here and now. Let's employ the "crane" approach rather than the proverbial "skyhook" one when it comes to understanding Ayurvedas. Thanks.


DId you know that you can buy brown basmati rice? Wouldn't that be the best of both world?


I agree with Ashutosh's comment. Not all people in India eat Basmati rice. In fact it is a very espensive rice and not cooking it the correct way can lead to illness if too much of the startch is still on the rice.

the correct way to cook it, is to first soak it for about 15min in cold water, then rise off of the excess startch, then add to boiling water on stove, boil for 10 minutes or less, depending on your softness that you require, then drain and rinse again in warm or cold water and boil again just to soften it up.

Hope that helps.

Indian remedies and Ayuredic medicine has been around long before any other of our times. It shouldnt be abuses or taken lightly and if not used correctly can cause great harm to a person's body.


Thanks for this info.

How about brown basmati rice? Does ayurveda specifically recommend 'white" basmati rice? Historically in India, before colonisation by westerners, paddy was hand-pounded resulting in "brown" rice, which was our staple food. The polishing step using machines to produce "white" rice was introduced into India by the colonial rulers in relatively recent times. Hence I am surprised by the claim in this article.


Gita let's just say you are ignorant and foolish. There are hundreds of types of rice in india and people in south do not eat basmati much. Ayurveda was there when western world did not know language forget about knowing GI. Don't blame ayurveda's teaching for diabetes, ayurveda never said "eat rice and then sleep", there is something called yoga which you need to do too. BTW america does not eat rice much then why they have obesity and diabetes problem???


MKK - yes I am interested in ayurvedic recipe for basmati rice that encourages weight loss.


MKK Please explain thanks


White Basmati rice is just white rice. You cannot dress it as healthy. Ayurveda is wrong here. A fistful of carbs is all you can eat per meal. Did you know India has one of the highest ratio of diabetes (type 2) to population in the world? Esp in the south where rice is the mains staple. I am an Indian and I know how much rice is eaten in India
Please don't twist truth like this without scientific backing. It has a GI of around 100. so how can it be healthy?


The glycemic value of brown rice is lower than that of basmeti rice. Basmeti rice has less nutritional value too.


I'm afraid you're losing your credibility here!

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