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Be careful with this one! I drank some of my roommate's Tulsi-green tea, and had an allergic reaction. Stomach cramping and flushed face after only a few sips.

Chareita Smit -Netherlands

Dear Ramnarayan, Thank you for confirming my first statement. You are definitely not an average guy since you are aware of all the do's and don'ts regarding the (Tulsi) mala. With average I mean those who are not spiritually inclined as mala's in the west are often a fashion item and only those as you state "after receiving their calling" learn how to treat a mala/ rosary or those who have indian origins. In any case I didn't mean to offend anybody but a lot of people aren't aware of the 'rules & regulation' as you put it and just wear the mala as a fashion statement.
BTW Tulsi also helps if you have itching red spots on the body. It will cool, dry and bring relieve pain.

Ramnarayan Natarajan, India

Yes, upon wearing Tulsi Mala one shouldnt consume garlic, onion, caffeine products, eggs, meat, and follow no smoking/drinking habits very strictly, together with no illicit sex. I disagree with the statement that " your average guy will not wear a tulsi mala as stated by Chareita Smit from The Netherlands " because, I was a average joe, and upon receiving the calling, I did wear the Tulsi mala and am following all the rules and regulations. So, if I can do it, why not any average person cannot do it? When going to the restroom (bathroom) one still have to wear the Tulsi Mala, but shouldnt remove at any circumstances, and the length shouldnt be lower than the navel. Eleni Roulis you can buy authentic, genuine tulsi mala at any of the ISKCON temples worldwide.


you can get tulsi green tea at swanson vitamins online. very good.


Organic India makes some great Tulsi teas.

Chareita Smit, The Netherlands

I love to read these articles in since I don't have a subs to the papercopy.
Regarding Tulsi it is also used as a rosary (mala)for prayer and meditation (japa) since the 108 is considered an auspicious number. Tulsi mala's are commonly worn only by those who live in a very sattvic way (indian vegetarian no eggs, fish, meat, garlic, onion etc.). Your 'average' guy will not wear a (tulsi) mala.
When offering food to the gods it is also common practice to add a leaf of Tusi.
It is difficult to get your hands on a genuine Tulsi mala.
When going to the bathroom you will have to remove the Tulsi mala for it is considered to be very pure.
When I was a child an acquaintance got itchy spots on her body and tulsi leaves were put on the spots which then decreased in itchyness and finally went away.

Eleni Roulis

Where can we buy this? Looks interesting.

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