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For me, staying present with the food I'm eating is a real challenge (unless I'm on retreat!). For Lent, I've been practicing mindfulness while eating lunch at the office and the practice is getting easier and more pleasurable. Eating slowly and really tasting the food has helped me to feel nourished in more ways than just physically. It feels good!


Excellent article- we all need to love ourselves in such a way that we honour our bodies with such mindfulness


I've been a vegetarian since June of 1990 way before I discovered yoga. I am now 49, in great health, with a lot of energy. People mistake me for someone younger due to all of my natural energy and glow. (No I do not drink caffeine.) I have never eaten a bit of meat since that day in June I decided to keep true to my beliefs that animals are not for eating. Blessings to all of the creatures on this earth.


Very thoughtful article. I've noticed a lot of sweets stop tasting good after a few bites. So I gave myself permission to stop eating when that happens. And also to stop eating when I feel full. (How many of us are still trying to finish our plates?) And so my weight is trending downward, with very little effort.


Great article, and ahimsa is definitely part of mindful eating as well.

Ahimsa could be defined as not beating yourself up after you indulge in a pork chop or ice cream sundae! The labelling of food as "good" or "bad" and then obsessing over a "bad" choice only continues the cycle of fear and loathing that most of us have regarding our excess fat.

That said, some food stuffs - processed fat, MSG and most notably, refined starch and sugar - definitely affect your state of mind and cannot be safely enjoyed (if at all) without awareness of their effect.

For example, most recovering alcoholics will suddenly develop a sweet tooth (even if they've never had one before) because eating a pan of brownies and then passing out is a close biochemical analogue of inebriation. So yes, you are really self-medicating with that large order of fries, just be aware.


A fantastic reminder of eating with mindfulness. Before I started doing yoga three years ago, I used to misinterpret my body's signals terribly. I would eat instead of drink when in reality my body needed fluid. Now I really know when I'm thirsty. I'm also making better food choices and consider myself a vegetarian the most part of the past year. I don't take any guilt trips if once in a while I still want to take a bite of fish or meat. I allow it with consciousness but ultimately, my body still craves for a vegetarian diet and I go back to that.


What a wonderful, enlightening article!! I wish this was recommended reading for everyone. Those facing any type of overindulgences with food, clothing, possesions, etc. We should value ourselves more and our "things" less. Thank you!!


Great article. Portion control is key. Restaurant meals seem too huge, most times, to contemplate eating. I prepare quality food for myself to eat, and try to make right choices when eating out. I like the portioning idea presented, it makes a great visual to picture food in a cupped hand.

I suppose that ahimsa could also be a tenet that could be applied to right-eating. Creating non-harming by cutting out known obesity and other disease causers such as soda and white flour go a long way to help us honor our selves, our bodies and our practices.


Very good read! As a person who is relatively new to yoga, I see this happening in my life. And it's not like I'm even trying - you just want to take better care of yourself & it happens!

Cheryl Fissinger

This article was exceptional! Thank you for a job well done and quality information!

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