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Alanna Blundo

can anyone recommend any further readings on sankulpa?

Trina Hess

Great tips. I use the journal writing not only to clear my mind, but to clarify and create new comedy material. The intention isn't always to write something funny, but more to observe and comment on my thoughts. And then if something funny comes out of that, great!

Gabrielle Pullen, Instructor, CA

Sankalpa is the primary tool that makes yoga nidra meditation so different from all other forms of meditation. It is this setting of intention at the beginning, in a state of deep relaxation, that allows us to bypass the armor of resistance that keeps us chained to monkey mind in everyday consciousness. Yoga nidra meditation is based on the philosophy of the ancients and allows us to harness the power of intention to organize our responses in completely new, positive, unexpected ways...

Lynne Baum

When I teach yoga I have my students visualize what their lives would look like when their sankalpas have manifested. I remind them that what they focus on becomes their reality. Thank you for showing us another way of turning limiting thought patterns into positive affirmations.

Jane Paterson. Cornwall, UK

Thank-you for this article. I think its good to be reminded that life is a challenge and sometimes we will fail to meet the exacting standards that we set ourselves. This doesnt make us failures, it makes us human. Accept it, remind yourself why you wanted to make the change and keep looking forward. The only ones who fail are the ones that give up or dont try in the first place.

cathierine mc mickle

I make it a point to meditate each night. I have learned (thru articles I have read in YJ) to acknowledge the blessings I have received each day. I sleep like a lamb. Thank you


Thank you for this! My "resolutions" are always the same: loose weight, don't spend as much, be a better mom, wife, friend..think of others more...Setting a sankalpa is just almost allowed me to look inward for the up coming year. I will even teach this to my children. Hopefully breaking the "setting yourself up for failure" cycle! Much Love!

Patrick N.

This is an excellent way to create good change in your lifestyle. The most important steps are:
- set a good intention
- efforts count and not result
- create an habit
- enjoy the process
Thanks for the article
and wish you a Happy New Year


Thank you for your positive framing of personal change. Each individual changing so as to be and do good is the only way to a better world. This is the main message given by the Creator at Arès in 1974 and 1977 (see "The Revelation of Arès"). It is our effort to walk in this direction that is important and not necessarily how far we get.


This helps me sort through more emotional and intellectual dilemmas. Cool...

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