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I cook my lunch and brown bag to take to work, brown rice, whole wheats, home baked grain bread and crackers, cottage cheese, chunteys, root veggies...but in the cold winter months, i sometimes feel for something i sometimes heat that up in the micro wave at work...or what? Andy solution? I have been trying to eat the lunch cold and drink warm tea wit it but tea makes me hungry so i am also rather this coffee kind of person....


I would like to comment that some of us are trying to heal and many raw foods are difficult to digest. I have an altered digestive system, due to tumors and being a former raw foodie, I find it helpful and comforting to find the ayurvedic methods of eating included. These are not found in other vegetarian publications, I know because I receive several.

I don't think this closing off other viable healing thoughts or methods, it just is included as the traditional yoga companion.


2 things - Ayurveda is a sister science to yoga, which is why many yoga magazine and online resources always have articles on it. I'm not saying they shouldn't also publish other ideas, but it does explain why there is so much of it.
The other thing is, as the commenters have already pointed out, everyone is different and what works for some does not work for others. You don't blindly believe everything you read, right? So this shouldn't be any different. If you relate to the circumstances described in this article, try what they are suggesting. If not, don't. Simple!


I liked this article, and it actually is a great way for me to eat. I take an hour to an hour and a quarter for lunch, eat very heartily, take a little rest in the shade when the weather is good, then have a nice cup to tea and I feel like a million dollars for the afternoon. I have a high metabolism, and have to eat substantially in the middle of the day, or I'll poop out. I'm just 5 feet tall and a little over 100 lbs, works for me. Raw diet restrictions can be pretty arbitrary, and unhealthy for a whole bunch of us. Namaste :)

Jenny Lens

I have a BIG question for Yoga Journal et al: WHY oh why do the yoga mags ALWAYS and ONLY push Ayurvedic healing, as if it's the ONLY way to heal or eat?? Why must you all ALWAYS associate yoga with Ayurvedic thought?

I know MANY raw foodies, major in the raw foods world, who are yogis/yoginis. YOU are turning peeps off yoga cos you insist on constantly pushing Ayurvedic medicine/healing/food. I am tired of it, and not pleased.

Yoga opens us to the world, inside and out. Why must you close doors to other viable healing thoughts, methods, etc?? Answer that, please!

Jenny Lens

I think a missing aspect are two issues: people not taking lunch hour OFF and we EACH need to find the right food for our body and temperament. We're running around at a time when either we should eat, exercise, meditate or relax. It's not as simple as eating and yet still working long, stressful hours. Been there, done that.

As a very healthy, active, focus, RAW foods vegan, I strongly object to all this stuff about raw foods being harder to digest than cooked food. I've taken and kept off nearly 60 pounds for 8 years. I'm 59, at a time most women gain weight. I have more clarity, focused calm energy, and often work 16-18 hour days. I have more energy and the personality of someone easily half my age. People are amazed at my age. I eat minimally and basically raw most of the time.

To make these generalizations, that we need 3 meals a day, or graze all day, or eat this or that is disregarding SCIENTIFIC fact that in many ways, each of us are slightly different. What works for some people does not work for others. I know, I've eaten/followed all kinds of eating ideas.

But I always loved raw veggies and fruit, since I was a kind. My body tried to tell my mind, but it took decades before I started reading and realizing MY healthiest path are raw veggies and fruit, simply cut up and eaten, blended or juiced.

I much rather stick with my minimal raw food intake than ever go back to cooked food. I was sluggish, depressed, and fatter. Lentil Pilaf and other cooked grains, legumes and all that bothers me far more than most any raw food. Simple, basic raw food, as Mother Nature or God or the Goddess designed. Namaste.


An article on the light suppers would be good too.



Thank you for a great article. I will definitely try to change my lunch habits.

mary beth joseph

the link to the Indian Lentil Pilaf recipe is not active
niehter is the other one.



Where is the Indian Lentil Pilaf recipe? The link is not active

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