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Brandon Cole

I teach Aikido at in Idaho Falls / Ammon, Idaho. I often describe Aikido in the terms that you have listed here and think that Aikido and Yoga are very complimentary. As I have continued to get older, I am finding Yoga to be the thing that really helps my body recover faster and stay in shape. Excellent article.

Eric Seibert

My last deployment I was teaching yoga to my platoon mates when we had time between missions and down days and for those who took it they seemed to be less beat up from the perpetual weight we carried on missions as well as mentally from the long hours, insane heat and occasional mental hazzards of combat.

On my next deployment to the middle east I plan on teaching again with hopes of a bigger following and fingers crossed more time to be able to teach and help restore and rejuvenate the body and mind from the daily rigors of the war zone. I teach baptiste style power yoga which seems more geared for the physicality that the army/marines demand of the troops while providing the mental concepts associated with regular practice.

I plan on posting to my wordpress/blog/facebook of the progress and challenges that we encounter.

Paul Dunbar

At 40 I was stressed out, had chronic backache, was drinking too much and on my way to a depression. In desperation to find my way out of the mess I was in, I started Zen meditation, then intuitively started Iyengar Yoga 2 years later and Aikido a year ago. All I can say is that now, although nothing has changed outwardly in my life, inwardly it is renewed. I feel happy, I'm rarely obsessed by my own thoughts, I am more physically at ease than I can remember being in my life, and no longer feel the need to consume to escape whatever is here and now. Instead whatever is here and now is perfect already. I hope, for the sake of everyone, that more people have the luck to come across these excellent and complementary practices!

William Davis

I've been a student of aikido for most of the past 33 years and have found the practice has a debilitating effect on the body, stress on the knees and shoulders especiallly. About 6 years ago I found Bikram Yoga and have found incredible healing to the joints with regular practice. I maintain a regular regimin of 6-7 times a week of Bikram and that allows me to train as much Aikido as I want, without distress. Coupled with a regular sitting meditation practice and I feel I get a complete training. Lately I've started to learn Ki no Michi (a healing practice derived from Aikido). It makes a great mix. Bikram yoga has become my core training, aikido and ki no michi my fun and Vipassana my meditation. I'm wondering what other poeple are doing. Contact me at


I also am an aikidoka and I've found that my daily yoga helps with practice. Besides the obvious flexibility, proprioception seems improved and the all-important balance is definitely benefiting. I also have an old neck injury and I am 50 years old - there's no way to place a value on the injury prevention that regular yoga contributes.

Darrell G. King
Rochester, NY, US

In the Now, it's not that past and future don't exist; it's more like they don't intrude. - D. King

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I do yoga every sunday

Travis Nevels

I see no difference between Yoga and Martial arts.Both are not merely exercises but a way of life.The way you walk, stand talk,the things you eat,the whole way of life .

Tycho Speaker

After 22 years of Aikido, my aging body had become less forgiving of rigorous training, especially as work and family made my formal practice less regular. Fortunately I found a skilled yoga teacher (Ayengar) who put me on a regime which particularly emphasizes Virasana for my worn-out knees and Pigeon Pose to release the hip tightness that stressed those knees in the first place. Truly, my yoga practice has restored my ability to train.

dan leech

Thank you

Jason Rodwell

I've been studying aikido for almost 6 years now & hold a 1st degree black belt. During that time I have supplemented my training with yoga & have found it to be a real benefit.

I found it particularly interesting to read this article as, just last week, I added a sun salutation routine to our aikido club's site to encourage others to add yoga into their training regime.

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