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shannon rose

That is a very common misperception that running is bad for you. Running is like anything else we do physically- we all have different bodies/ muscle fiber ratio etc etc. Some will have ITB issues, etc etc. Some tear up shoulders and wrists in yoga.
Watch a child run/play- just flat out moving fast through space and loving it. Read about the Tarahumara Indians- they run for transportation and have 50 mile races for fun and entertainment- wearing sandals- in the mountains.


I had BAD side-stitches all through seventh grade cross country. They wouldn't go away no matter what I did. In eighth grade I started yoga. I noticed that I no longer had the side-stitiches. YaY fOr YOGA!! :)

Karla Sprinter

Try Christine Felstead's Yoga for Runners. She has 2 DVDs designed to balance your running with yoga moves. Excellent for hip opening, hamstrings, lower back issues described in this article.


I am a keen runner and find that practising yoga really improves my game!


train your body to run naturally through the POSE running method and half of the issues expressed here will not be issues. Yoga should've already taught you how to keep your body in a column via Mountain.


Yes, I agree with Tina. Where are the poses that can help runners be balance, relax, and symmetric??

Thank you


I've spent the past couple of years dealing with sciatica problems brought on by piriformis syndrome. I finally got relief after I learned some stretches from a PT which turned out to be Yoga poses. My running is better as long as I do the stretches before every run, and a knee problem that was flaring up has gotten better as well.


How about an article with specific poses that are good for runners. This article only underscores the idea that yoga is good cross training for yoga. My guess is that most Yoga Journal readers have already bought into that that premise.

Breathe Deeply

I've found that by breathing deeply while running, I can actually lower my heart rate by 5-10 beats per minute. So when pushing to increase speed, try deep breathing exercises and focus on them while running. It works great!



I struggled with patellar tendonitis for a few years. I did physical therapy and had an MRI and an x-ray that fortunately confirmed that my cartilage was still intact. Unfortunately, my doctor told me in January of 2010 that there was nothing more he could do, and would I like to try swimming?
I figured I had nothing to lose, so I started yoga, which elongated my body in ways that basic stretching couldn't. My pain went away, and now I'm running over 20 miles a week, with a goal of 40. Esther Eckhart of has yoga videos that are great, and I credit her with getting me back on track.

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