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Share Your Opinion: Truth

Do you feel comfortable speaking your truth in any situation?

Here's what Yoga Journal readers had to say:

It has taken a very long time, but I choose to speak my truth now. It has been very freeing to me and to others. I used to think that it was important what other people thought of me and so had to be careful what I said so they would not think ill of me. Now, as I practice speaking through my heart, I speak my truth, what needs to be said comes out in a kind and compassionate but clear way and I no longer worry. I ask myself, "What can they do to me, anyway?" I am empowered and feel more complete than ever.

Speaking my truth is becoming easier, but there are still times when either it feels too confronting or potentially hurtful - in those times I try to be as truthful as I can, but it's not always an easy balance.

I do not feel comfortable speaking my truth in any situation. However I am much better at it. Otherwise I can feel my truth stuck in my troat and that does not feel good!

Yes, I feel comfortable speaking my own truth because truth is never wrong and if you are comfortable with your own truth than why should there be a problem expressing it. You don't have to be an evangalist to speak your truth and if being sensative to others while speaking your own truth, it can help light the way for others as well.

Your question is irrelevant. I doubt that anyone feels comfortable in every situation when speaking the truth. A more appropriate question would have been "Do you always speak the truth even when you are uncomfortable?" Besides, what's The Truth, anyway?

I feel comfortable speaking my truth with certain people, a close friend, my husband. It is much more difficult with other family members, especially my mother, who is quite old and unexposed to so many ideas that she feels threatened when I discuss them. Particularly matters concerning emotional intelligence, self-awareness, and conscious living. As a child of the Depression, she never learned to speak about any of these things, and has no vocabulary for them. At this point, I can speak my truth best in small groups, with my writer friends, or simply through my writing.

I'm surprised by the low percentage for "yes" in this question. I think like anything else, truth can be tempered to the situation and the person, but when it comes to speaking plainly about ones beliefs, lifestyle choices,feelings, then yes, be truthful. You can't be truly open to yourself or others if you continue to not be truthful. Many people find it refreshing once they are truthful to themselves or around someone who they know is willing to be honest about themselves.

a lot of times i don't feel comfortable speeking my truth. a lot of times i'm not sure what my truth is. i have to do more throat chakra work fo' sho'

Speaking your truth is good for you, but not always great for others. It's a tightrope that I am conscious of being challenged with daily.

I really do feel comfortable speaking the truth and I practise saytya. I feel it is the best way to deal with anybody. However, if there is a chance that I will hurt another individual, regardless of the words that I use, then I will choose to say nothing at all or say as little as possible. In difficult situations I use a hand mudra that is specific for 'right speach'. Most often I find this helpful.

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Reader Comments

D Evans

"Your truth" may really be your opinion or you may not understand the situation enough to know "your truth" or "the truth" unless your are enlightened. Unfortunately many people can't resist commenting even when it is hurtful or speaking out as if they are the only ones who know the truth. They want to speak their truth, but they don't want you to speak your truth. If you do, they perceive you as ignorant or conservative, as if we aren't also intelligent with our truths. I prefer not to engage in deep conversations with extremists on either side right or left as they come across as big know it all.


We are daily challenged to tell our truth or the truth. I find that when I respond with these words, "You may be right," there is a receptivity for me to speak.

Kanan Vihari Jaswal

I find telling the truth so easy, so liberating that I do it all the time. And when I find myself exaggerating the things, immediately thereafter I make it a point to re-state without even a trace of exaggeration this time. Sometimes my interlocutors do not understand my motives in doing so but I do believe with all sincerity at my command that truth itself is powerful and does not need any props.

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