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D Evans

"Your truth" may really be your opinion or you may not understand the situation enough to know "your truth" or "the truth" unless your are enlightened. Unfortunately many people can't resist commenting even when it is hurtful or speaking out as if they are the only ones who know the truth. They want to speak their truth, but they don't want you to speak your truth. If you do, they perceive you as ignorant or conservative, as if we aren't also intelligent with our truths. I prefer not to engage in deep conversations with extremists on either side right or left as they come across as big know it all.


We are daily challenged to tell our truth or the truth. I find that when I respond with these words, "You may be right," there is a receptivity for me to speak.

Kanan Vihari Jaswal

I find telling the truth so easy, so liberating that I do it all the time. And when I find myself exaggerating the things, immediately thereafter I make it a point to re-state without even a trace of exaggeration this time. Sometimes my interlocutors do not understand my motives in doing so but I do believe with all sincerity at my command that truth itself is powerful and does not need any props.


Always speaking the truth doesn't mean commenting on everything to anybody and everybody, or widely broadcasting your beliefs; it means that what you do say is said with integrity; you say what you mean and you mean what you say.

Words often come out of my mouth before I know what my truth is, or I say things in a way that are misinterpreted due to my delivery, and then it is difficult to backtrack in a conversation. Additionally I often have multiple viewpoints on a single issue at one time and confuse others if I explain just one, or worse, more than one, of my viewpoints. (Besides, they get bored and walk away!) Being present in the moment doesn't necessarily help; in fact, it often makes it easier for my brain to react reflexively rather than thoughtfully. So, I'm working on (as a work in progress) matching my words to my actions and vice versa. But then again, isn't it a "woman's perogative" to change her mind?! (And, is it untruthful to do so?)

Cyndy Knight

I think the most important points about speaking the truth are that, firstly; each persons truth is particular to them and is shaped by who they are as a person. It in no way is "real" or "absolute" or empirically based fact. Secondly, one must be aware that the person(s) to whom one is speaking may not be psychologically or spritually able to hear what what you wish to say without taking offense. This is where the third point, the doctrine of ahimsa and the concept of right speech, come into play. I feel that it is wrong to speak in a way that may cause unnecessary distress to another person, or create unnesessary tension within a social group. When I am stuck in one of those uncomfortable situations where I feel "under the gun" but feel the person(s) I am specking to would get really offended by my speech, I simply say, "My feelings (or beliefs) on that subject are entirely different from yours. I am entitled to them, but rather than cause an argument and tension, lets just talk about something else." And then I (politely)refuse to discuss the matter further.


I believe Truth is the ultimate test in not asociating anything or any bodt with your Creator. fearing to loose the love of your Creator who is in total controll of your affairs keeps me on the path of truthfullness after our Creator is witness to everthing we do. Therefore, why be afrais to tell the truth in any situaton. I takes courage and love to be truthfull.


Yes, I now speak the truth. I went through a long learning process before returning to speaking truth. If you are not speaking your truth, who's words are you speaking. Whomever it is, your are living another life, not your own. When you speak your truth, you live YOUR life.

Zahrah Kahdijah

My "truth" is comprised of my life experiences, the path that I have been given -- my "truth" is but my opinion and should be viewed as such by others. I speak from my heart (Allah's gift) only when asked -- I take no offense when other's speak their "truth," for I know it is their opinion taken from their journey.

tom logan

The youa sutra makes clear honesty will set you free, but also says that if the truth harms it is important to show restraint. The point is the purpose of speaking truth, if its is to one's own self benifit, one should carefully consider ashima in its whole.Ref: Yoga A gem for Women


The truth can sometimes be too painful for someone to hear. Then I think the speaker needs to pay attention to "ahimsa" and refrain unless they can speak the truth in a way that it can be heard without being violent. Sometimes it is not what we say but how we say it.

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