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Share Your Opinion: Truth

Do you feel comfortable speaking your truth in any situation?

Many times I hold my tongue for fear of saying the wrong thing at the wrong time, or I fear ridicule.

I was once told by my mentor that I "need a governor between my mouth and my brain." I have been self-conscious about speaking my truth ever since. Also, my problem is often self-delusion -- about what actually IS my truth!

I am surprised to see from your poll that so many who are practicing yoga are not being truthful to themselves and to others. It's possible to be truthful and yet speak with tact and love. As a teacher, I cannot see being untruthful to myself nor to my students. I require that of myself and my students and peers deserve AT LEAST that. If we as teachers are "examples of yoga," what example do we set when 73 percent of respondents say they are not comfortable being truthful?

I speak the truth in too many situations! I can't help but say what is on my mind and give my opinions and, while I don't think I am being cruel or disrespectful to others, I can see that many people only say what they think they should, and censor themselves constantly. This has always puzzled me.

For me there is a difference between speaking the truth in any situation and speaking the truth any time I speak. If possible I like to first examine why I feel the need to say something - will my shared thoughts and words be a benefit or a detriment to the situation, both short and long term? If I choose to speak I pray that those words will reflect the truth; if I choose not to speak I pray that I accept that some thoughts were never meant to make the transition to language.

It is a wonderful concept to always speak the truth but in reality there are many people who have sensitivities as well as short tempers. One gets along much better in the world by remaining silent about an issue rather than speaking the truth about it.

I find that most people are not able/ready to accept 'truth' even when graciously presented, particularly in workplace situations. Most comments seem to be taken personally and there is no openness for dialogue to solve common problems. I try to think before I speak, remember what it is I want to say, specifically, relay that information in as neutral a tone as I can manage and hope comments are taken for what they are.

Hmm, I read the question again and discovered that little word 'your' before truth, rather than 'the' truth! My truth could so easily come from my emotions or perceptions which can vary from day to day whilst the truth should be something rather more absolute. To tell the truth, we have to be either somewhat knowledgeable or, at another and very different extreme, enlightened. Either condition is highly unlikely, which thus leaves your truth as the other option. My truth, however, is invariably influenced by Maya and how I perceive the world around me and this is a difficult veil of delusion to see through. My truth may be at complete variance to yours meaning that, should you enquire whether I think you are attractive and respond with a committed yes, you are likely to believe me, when in fact, you may be less attractive than I perceive, thus, you find yourself wandering down that same delusive path. Out of one delusion come two, this is a very virulent condition for which only one cure exists (silence is not an option)....take Yoga twice a day with a small dose of pPranayama.....

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Reader Comments

D Evans

"Your truth" may really be your opinion or you may not understand the situation enough to know "your truth" or "the truth" unless your are enlightened. Unfortunately many people can't resist commenting even when it is hurtful or speaking out as if they are the only ones who know the truth. They want to speak their truth, but they don't want you to speak your truth. If you do, they perceive you as ignorant or conservative, as if we aren't also intelligent with our truths. I prefer not to engage in deep conversations with extremists on either side right or left as they come across as big know it all.


We are daily challenged to tell our truth or the truth. I find that when I respond with these words, "You may be right," there is a receptivity for me to speak.

Kanan Vihari Jaswal

I find telling the truth so easy, so liberating that I do it all the time. And when I find myself exaggerating the things, immediately thereafter I make it a point to re-state without even a trace of exaggeration this time. Sometimes my interlocutors do not understand my motives in doing so but I do believe with all sincerity at my command that truth itself is powerful and does not need any props.

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