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Share Your Opinion: Truth

Do you feel comfortable speaking your truth in any situation?

I am still learning satya and must practice in every difficult situation, that is, if I have meditated on a specific situation and have resolved my issues and looked with loving compassion on the other, I succeed. It's the new and unusual situations that rattle my "comfort" zone but...with practice, a few deep breaths and the loving presence, it is only uncomfortable until I hear myself sharing the gift of loving kindness!

Being a hairdresser for 24 years has taught me a lot about speaking the truth. I hold my client's crowning glory, their self esteem, and sometimes their self confidence as well as their vanity (for the most part) in my hands, and when they come to me with expectations of grand and sometimes impossible transformations, I must be completely honest in a caring and compassionate way.All faces and necks were not created equal, nor was hair, and I learned within the first year of my career that one should ALWAYS speak the truth as it is much easier to remember that, than it is to keep track of little white lies and fibs. The last three years spent in Yoga classes has just solidified it even more.

I live in a very small town where people are very close-minded. Yoga is still a "religion of the devil" to many folks here. I feel like I am always censoring what I want to say. This is sad, but true!

I try to be truthful most of the time. There are, of course, times where the truth could be too hurtful or something. Rather than lie, however, I try to balance a potentially negative truth with a positive one. For example, if my wife asks what I think of a skirt that doesn't suit her, I won't simply say yes or no. I may tell her the cut of the skirt doesn't quite suit her build, but that the color looks really good on her. A lot of times, I think feedback isn't so much a matter of a truthful or untruthful response, but simply how the truth is presented. Of course, there are times when it's best to just keep your fool mouth shut. :)

No, I do not always feel comfortable speaking my truth. I believe it is because my truth is not everyone's truth and at times it is easier to not go there than to be in a arguement. However, I do stand my ground on issues I feel are important to all people. Like stealing, cheating, etc..

I know I've got a bit of a martyr complex going on. I want to make everyone happy. I can bend and adapt. Or perservere to save others from inconvenience.

Speaking my truth is becomming more and more complicated. Holding a Ma. in Charasmatic theology and moving toward a Mahayna idealism complicates things. Yet I seem to have a better foundation to speak from, I guess I'll continue to practice and speak mindfully with love and compassion.

Sometimes conversations seem to happen so quickly, and I realize I'm not comfortable with what I'm saying, but can't quite figure out why. It's a matter of being able to know and speak my truth more quickly; maybe I'm a "beginner" but I often find I need time to consider things before I "know" what my truth is.

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Reader Comments

D Evans

"Your truth" may really be your opinion or you may not understand the situation enough to know "your truth" or "the truth" unless your are enlightened. Unfortunately many people can't resist commenting even when it is hurtful or speaking out as if they are the only ones who know the truth. They want to speak their truth, but they don't want you to speak your truth. If you do, they perceive you as ignorant or conservative, as if we aren't also intelligent with our truths. I prefer not to engage in deep conversations with extremists on either side right or left as they come across as big know it all.


We are daily challenged to tell our truth or the truth. I find that when I respond with these words, "You may be right," there is a receptivity for me to speak.

Kanan Vihari Jaswal

I find telling the truth so easy, so liberating that I do it all the time. And when I find myself exaggerating the things, immediately thereafter I make it a point to re-state without even a trace of exaggeration this time. Sometimes my interlocutors do not understand my motives in doing so but I do believe with all sincerity at my command that truth itself is powerful and does not need any props.

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