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Elizabeth C.

I have loved my morning coffee for many years, it has been one of life's pleasures. One of yoga's gifts is increasing awareness and the addictive side of my habit became obvious-quitting is difficult-believing it is worth it is essential.


Or, is there a "moderation" alternative? I really enjoy a good quality cup of black tea every now and then. I rarely have more than one cup in a day, and most of the time I have a cup every other day. I'm not using it in the AM to "perk me"; I just like it in the afternoon, shortly after lunch.... a little indulgence.

So, how much is too much? For tea and coffee drinkers like me, is this level of consumption in line with a regular yoga practice? Or, are they still counter-acting each other?

Jerry Amos

We bicycle. On a long bike ride caffeine, moderate amount, is a definite help in avoiding bonking. Proven time and time again. Yes we yoga, but we also do strength and cardio fitness - my wife age 73 triathlons and moderate caffeine definitely helps. Really helps on her 5K runs where she just came in first in her age class, and even beat the 2nd in the 60-69 range.


caffeine 'overload' is subjective. if you are jittery, anxious, etc then perhaps you need to cut down a bit, not drop it altogether. Coffee is not inherently bad for you (studies prove it) , in fact it has proven beneficial in many instances. So i agree -get over the coffee bashing. All things in Moderation!


all things in moderation, including coffee. certainly being addicted to anything is unhealthy, but caffeine without dependency can be a beneficial part of a healthy, balanced diet.


I had to quit drinking coffee because it irritates my stomach. I have a naturally acidic stomach and coffee was making it worse. After some withdrawal, I actually feel great! I wake up without that "need" for caffeine to start my day. The dark circles under my eyes are gone, and I no longer feel tired or jittery later in the day. Trust me, I love a good caffeine high, and I used to love to sip my coffee in the morning, but for me it has been wonderful to no longer need my energy from coffee. Although I agree coffee does have many health benefits, I think it also has some side effects that are not so great, especially if you have a sensitive stomach. I miss my morning cup of joe, but my stomach does not!


I'm currently caffeine free. I noticed after eating a vegan chocolate cake I started to get very anxious. I also had plenty of coffee. Since I baked it, it was delicious but the sugar and the coffee wigged me right over the edge. I think I like it better without the caffeine. It's really me. The decaf tastes just the same. NOW, if only they would make a sugar substitute that has the bulk of sugar...


Caffeine has a ton of benefits, in many cases they outweight the cons.


I agree, that model could really use a cappucino, or sonthin!


Coffee consumption have proven negative correlation with
Alzheimer and Parkinson deceases Yoga Journal should stop this anti-coffee stupidity

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