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Once again I catch myself judging judgmental people.
Oops...stepping back into kindness.


i agree with johanna. Some inconvenience and social discomfort more important than the suffering and death of animals?
by the same token, is slavery ok if its in a shoe factory, but not in a mine or a cotton field?

Robin Morris

Christine Winters is not an isolated case. The fact that she herself chose the vegetarian route means she was ready for it. It's a challenge that has to be overcome and yes there will be obstacles. This is why they are challenges but you have to face them in order to succeed. Giving in is not an option. Having to disagree with her grandmother for the occasional meal is hardly sufficient reason to succumb. We have to be stronger than this. Life is not an easy path. Its what we make of it. Face your challenges. If you felt you were ready to stop consuming animals then it was for a reason. You must try and follow your ordained path and overcome your obstacles...


Great article! I just watched the documentary "Food Inc" this past weekend- what an eye opener! It shows many of these horrible practices. I have really been re-thinking my food choices and this is great information. Thank you!


It is unfortunate that people feel that somehow they suffer by choosing not to consume animal products. In a healthy vegetarian or vegan diet one should not feel suffering. It is not a sacrifice to choose a plant based diet. Meat is a luxury, not a necessity; unless one suffers from malnutrition due to things like chemo-therapy. It is hard to justify the consumption of animal products when one really looks at the animal being consumed. Drawing the line ethically with any kind of consumption is quiet easy if one looks for exploitation. If a sentient being is exploited for a product, it doesn't seem to reflect this sort of lifestyle by consuming or supporting it.


I have to disagree with Johanna. As Christine says, she's rarely eating meat, and when she does, she takes care to know where the meat comes from and chooses meat that comes from more humane places. This isn't a black and white issue, especially for people like Christine. She's not a God and she's not perfect and she is following a path that brings peace to herself and to the very few animals she does eat. I think karma will be the b*tch Johanna claims it will be (which this is just my opinion, but Johanna's comment doesn't seem like a comment that will bring good karma to Johanna). I wish both Christine and Johanna luck in their food endeavors and I appreciate the opportunity to see different points of view on this topic. Nameste.


Reading this breaks my heart. Basically she's putting her own mental and emotional suffering ahead of the unimaginable suffering of tortured and slaughtered animals. Anyway, karma's a *, she'll find that our herself.


This article is great. Thank you so much for the open perspective on this often confusing issue for practitioners in the West. I myself have suffered from eating disorders and restriction since I was very young, and through treatment, I found yoga and simultaneously had to consume meat for my health. I am now an instructor and devoted practitioner and hold balance and listening to the voice within the key to living correctly. Namaste

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