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Hey Nik

No one is stealing calf's milk, most the milk goes waste after calf's consumption, which needs to be taken's kind of use it or lose it


To each his own. Some people may do well on dairy. For myself, the best thing I did was eliminate dairy completely from my diet. I have never felt better and my yoga practice has more endurance, strength, and flexibilty.

No one can convince me that the dairy industry is not insidious in trying to lure us to consume as much milk, cheese, and other dairy as possible.

Also, the subsidies given to dairy farmers as opposed to fruit and vegetable growers make dairy very attractive and cheap. Ary you getting a subsidy?

Yoga Journat needs to give out thorough, unbiased information about dairy and let the individual decide whether or not to consume dairy.

Ann Moore

Many adults are lactose intolerant, especially those whose ancestors came from non-milk-producing cultures. Moreover, many of us have to reduce animal fat in our diets. A little balance is needed in telling people that milk is across-the-board good for you!


No "ancient wisdom" will convince me to enslave and impregnate a cow, separate her from her calf and steal it's calf's milk, and I'm not going to pay for anyone else to do it for me, either. For me, Ahimsa will always win over the supposed health benefits of animal products. Even if eating yogurt today would give me Samadhi tomorrow, I still wouldn't do it.

Sandy Soto

That is a fallacy that milk promotes acidification. They say that because it contains phosphate, however what needs to be considered is the calcium:phospate ratio, which is much higher. Not only does this prevent the leeching of calcium from the bones, but it's easily assimilated calcium content surpasses the absorbability of calcium in vegetables.

Many of those observational studies do not take into account what else the participants are eating or other factors that may be contributing to bone loss, such as elevated stress hormones or other high phosphate foods & insufficient calcium.

Milk also contains vit A, D, and K which synergize with calcium. By the way Vit A cannot be found in vegetables, only Beta Carotene which must be converted in the liver to retinol. Some people (children, elderly, and those with sub-optimal liver function) cannot make that conversion.

Raw dairy contains enzymes which are destroyed during pasteurization and has been documented to help Chron's, children with Autism, and other health issues.

The problems with allergies to whey and lactose intolerance are often found in people who are low thyroid and/or gluten intolerant, and have therefore developed gut permeability issues as well as gut flora imbalances.

Milk also contains the 3 macronutrients: high-quality protein, p rotective saturated fat, and carbohydrate.It is no surprise that milk holds such an important place in ayurveda and in the Indian diet.

Raw milk can be obtained in many states. Know thy farmer. has a directory. The next best thing would be to get low-temperature pasteurized milk at a local farmer's market. After that would be pasteurized organic grass-fed milk, and finally supermarket milk that specifically says no rbgh/rbst hormones.


You must also consider the whole respect for animals ethic that goes along with yoga. Cows may be respected in India, but in the US they certainly are not. Nearly all of our dairy comes from factory farms where the cows are severely mistreated. They are often confined to the indoors for nearly all of their lives, have their calves taken away from them at birth, and are given large amounts of synthetic growth hormones, and experience painful udder infections. When their milk production drops, the "spent" cows are shipped off to slaughterhouses. Even certified organic facilities don't often put the welfare of the animal first. The dairy industry is also responsible for water pollution (dairy cows produce even more manure than beef cows because of their large calorie requirements) and the emission of a large quantity of greenhouse gases like methane, which is many times more potent than carbon. There are many plant-based alternatives to dairy and yogurt, like soy, coconut, almond, and rice-based products, that are available in nearly all supermarkets.


There is not a Ďone size fits allí answer. I know people who drink raw milk and are amazed at how their allergies disappear. Others canít get past the fear of getting sick because itís not pasteurized. The benefits of raw milk are often due to its beneficial live lactobacillus acidophilus bacteria and enzymes, both of which can be found in supplement form. I personally do not drink raw, organic or regular milk. Although I believe in a lot of the fundamentals of Ayurveda, I chose not to drink milk but rather nourish my body with other nutritious food sources.

Shaari :)

Three things about cow milk. The protein called casein is problematic for some, the lactose is not digestable by folks without the lactase enzyme causing pain and diarhea. Third milk promotes acidification causing the body to go out and get calcium from your bones and studies show countries where milk consumption is prevalent there are more cases osteoporosis.


How is it natural for us to drink the milk of another species? Milk was intended for the nourishment of infants, not for adults.

Andrew Sinclair

Those "problem" "manufacturing processes" include pasteurisation, one of the great health breakthroughs of the nineteenth century, which has almost certainly saved many human lives which would otherwise have been lost to bovine tuberculosis. We westerners also used to drink our milk raw, but not without a small hitch: as recently as 200 years ago one in four deaths were from tuberculosis (known then as consumption). Not all modern developments are bad ...

Morally, if you take a vegetarian standpoint then it IS hard to justify drinking milk. The vast majority of male dairy calves are slaughtered before they reach a year old, and that's one a year for the cow's useful (i.e. maximal-milk-yielding) life. After this, typically at 6-8 years old out of a normal lifespan of 15+, she is, of course, slaughtered as well. So drinking milk probably causes as many animal deaths as eating beef ...

And that's without considering all the welfare issues (routine use of hormones & antibiotics; feeding grain instead of grass, leading to digetive problems and more drugs to combat them; living in crowded feedlots on concrete floors instead of in fields; removing all calves from their mothers when only a week old causing enormous distress for both) or indeed the environmental issues (methane production causing global warming, slurry causing appalling pollution in rivers and the coastal marine environment, inefficient use of grain which could be eaten by humans directly). Admittedly the welfare issues can be reduced by sticking to organic milk, where standards are a lot higher.

See "The Ethics of What We Eat: Why Our Food Choices Matter" by Peter Singer and Jim Mason (Mar 6, 2007) for a much more detailed discussion.

As yoga practitioners it is important to establish satya (truth) about where our food comes from so we can make informed choices - especially if you are going to eat animal products - because the influential food industry actively promotes wishful but lazy thinking. For example, they typically put pictures of pretty cows in green fields on dairy products, when they actually live in horrendous sheds or concrete lots ... "oh, but they don't, not the milk that I buy" ... yes, they do actually. (If you don't believe me then read the aforementioned book and see how you feel afterwards.)

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