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Hilary, your article is so well written and I'm impressed you could do it six months after giving birth. It sounds like you are very frazzled and I hope that things calm down.

Craig W

As to Hillari Dowdle on Eating. I can relate. I moved this past year. Across the country from four seasons to Calf's two. I went from daily yoga practice, exercise and weight training to almost stopping. Snacking sweets that I never did. I feel horrible, I look horrible and not happy with myself. But like work, I will start anew and obtain and achieve what I once was. Easy no, but one day at a time. And grab those celery and carrot sticks.

little tree

great article - falls way short in the ways all other articles on nutrition do - doesn't talk specifics about what specific foods are best - you can't go into a grocery store and ask, "where are the foods without LDL's or HDL's?" - be specific for those of us out there reading your articles and trying to better ouselves - say, "apples are good sources of __________." and raison bran cereal is good because _." tofu is best because __." give us something concrete to find and consume - thanks


fabulous article!
I am a mind body practitioner of 25 yrs
In pretty good health
Daily yoga swimmer walker & LOTS of lif challenges......always had GREAT cholesterol, LDL & HDL levels
This year for the first time LDL & HDL are good, but total cholesterol is HIGH.........DONT WANT MEDS

Craig W

Your human and moving forward, good for you. If I recall there are studies that what the mother ingests while breast feeding, the baby will learn to love for a life time. So look into this and more veggies, fruits, spices etc. and be happy. And good chocolate is good for you too and maybe more healthy snacks around and less of the other. Out of sight, out of mind. Enjoy your journey you luck duck:-)

Jennifer H, Tucson AZ

GREAT article - I can relate and the writer is honest and helpful. I can't say enough how much I agree with her (& others) regarding feeding your heart with LOVE as well as veggies - nice job!!

Jasmin Comwell

This is an interesting article and I will try to apply some of these ideas to my own life. It also sounds like Hillari could have used a postpartum doula (which I happen to be) and she could have had someone guiding her during her postpartum period so she wasn't so sleep deprived and was eating better to begin with!


thank you I needed that reminder !

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