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Chris, I think it is amazing and wonderful that you do yoga! There is nothing weird about it. When yoga asana first started, they would not allow girls in the classes at all!

Keep on going man, it is helping not only you but the world!

Ibet Morales

this is a very cute article... I've been trying to get my fiancée into Yoga >_<


Chris--this seems to me like its their negativity that's creating the distance, not your love of yoga. It doesn't matter who you are or what you look like, yoga is for anyone who wants to do it. I hope you find people to practice with that don't have these restrictive opinions.


I love my ashtanga yoga practice, but almost all people (esp. girls) with whom I explicate that feeling say that it's "weird" for guys to do yoga, at least 25 yr. old ones. I won't quit, of course, but sadly, yoga in my circumstance creates distance, not inter-personal connection. Namaste


It makes total sense to find a significant other through an activity you enjoy and are passionate about. I met my husband swing dancing--not exactly yoga--but it is something we can do together, that allows us the opportunity to share and experience and grow together. I have not been able to get him to attend yoga classes, but I have taught him to be mindful of breathing, and I have shown him some poses for stress relief, both of which have helped us chill out in difficult times.


Hey This is a great article.


My regular yoga practice is helping me realize that I am gay. I am in my 40s and always knew something was off but never allowed myself to really feel what I was feeling. Talk about helping me find love. Being tuned in to my body and realizing who I am and what I respond to is a gift. I was never expecting that from yoga.


actually, i second this emotion... i've brought two different couples to the class i attend, and while yoga isn't going to make or break their relationships, it's been an excellent opportunity for them to connect on another level. yoga helps establish and discover boundaries, and through yoga we learn to be respectful of ourselves, those in our class and others in our lives. now i haven't had the fortune of meeting miss right through a class (yet!), but i would like to think whoever i'd date would join me for a class or two. if love's what you're looking for, why couldn't you find it through yoga? you can find it everywhere else if you're looking. lighten up koopalo <3.


even for yoga, this love thing is a bit of a stretch.


yoga doesn't make me "calm," it makes me tune in more deeply to whatever is going on. Something things happen that are troubling. When they do, I feel troubled. That's a fact about human experience and something we have to learn to love about each other (and ourselves). Our feelings, when we give them space, are often a very good source of information about what is going on.

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