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I agree with the others on the tree, but the roses are what really make me sad. It sounds as though the author had a similar relationship to them as I have to roses from my dad, remembering the hours we spent quietly tending roses in our yard, with him teaching me about gardening and botany and patience and encouraging growth and life and so much more. Roses grown on monocropped plantations where there should be food crops, and that are flown into our markets full of chemicals to be enjoyed for a few days & thrown away are icky, but roses grown with devotion and love are lovely indeed.

rajendar menen

I am totally against the cutting down of trees. They could have been trimmed or re-planted elsewhere. We cut trees, we eat animals and birds and yet when someone takes a gun and shoots a human being down there is emotional and psychic mayhem. Indeed, the human race is so arrogant!!!


This story made me so sad. Just because an "expert" suggested it , a tree was killed and roses were banished for having thorns. Love and respect for nature in its own integrity are not always attachments ---but turning to teachers without respecting our own inner intuition can often give us a new attachment to their beliefs that doesnt always resonate with our own or our higher power.


Good job cutting that tree down. Hope it helps you feel more open and free of the old things in your life. This article showcases what's wrong with society.


I agree with what it being said about sacrificing the tree. Life, oxygen, energy all gone for what? A prettier yard? Seems superficial to me.


I hate that a healthy tree had to be cut down.. could one not have pruned it to create openess and light? Plants and trees have strong energy if we are open to it. My husband once hated two elm trees they were "scraggly elms" but we waited and found that, with some careful pruning, they look better and they are kind enough to provide shade from a west sun in August so our flowers and lawn survive the August heat.


I have always been blessed with gardens. When you are not blessed with kind people, flowers become your joy. I find English roses from David Austin are amazing. They bring joy. Foxgloves and small pebbles and running water in fountains, they bring joy. The birds, the small creatures, all bring joy. There would be no peace & happiness in my life if it weren't for the natural.
The saying of the week goes to a person who has found peace after a long lifetime. He told me he has 2 dogs. Which one gets bigger? The one you feed. I say feed the roses.


I agree with Heather. We have become so selfish and self-centered. Now we are actually convincing ourselves that chopping down a tree is an act of great sacrifice and detachment. In fact it is the polar opposite of that! Detachment would be learning to meditate in spite of imperfect surroundings.


I remember reading this article in the magazine Tne words can we get rid of it referencing a healthy tree made me shiver then as it does now.


I put small white lights in the maple tree my son planted as a seedling. Added a pond with waterfall and koi, tapoles and water plants. hosta, windchimes and flowers surround my deck and I have my own meditation/yoga haven.

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