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Erica Ford

Hey - this is an awesome article. I've heard that stat re: how much power you can save my unplugging your devices from the wall. Now I just have to start doing it! I recently did handstand and headstand for the first time (after 7 years of yoga) and the difference seemed to be this new eco-friendly mat I started using when I teach for my company, Yoga to Bloom. The mat is made by this company called KharmaKhare, it's made from recycled tires and other reusable parts and so far, is the best mat I've used. I also love the tip about drying clothes on a clothes line, that's how my grandma always did it!

Sophie Bourgougnon

I love the suggestion to make the next yoga mat an environmentally friendly one - because that's exactly what I did! I was sad that you didn't mention the one I got: KharmaKhare. Maybe because the company recently launched and it hasn't reached your radar screen yet. These guys make an awesome, awesome mat from recycled rubber tires. I think their video explains that it keeps our car tires from going into a landfill or being burned for crude energy. Way cool!


We at Koha Yoga love to do AcroYoga on our KharmaKhare's recycled rubber tire mats. Something to consider with all the mats mentioned in this article is that most are taking native material and then making a mat. KharmaKhare is literally reincarnating tires (in the most eco friendly way). It's a win, win, win!


Great article - thanks for writing!

One thing I didn't see you mention is yoga mats. I recently came across a company called Kharma Khare ( that offers eco-friendly mats made out of recycled tires. Not only are these mats a great way to help cut our carbon footprints, they are by far the best mats I have ever used (yes, better than Manduka). I would advise any yoga practitioners who care about the environment to check out their site and watch the video.


Ok, this is it. I didn't renew my subscription to Yoga Journal because of all these political movements, I don't agree with much of the premise of the green movement. It is primarily silly with no understanding of unintended consequences and diminishing returns. So I'm unsubscribing to the email. Namaste

Danielle Adams

And where do you recycle your used yoga mats?


I am totally against the energy efficient light bulbs as they are all made in China and contain mercury and dangerous if they break. Advise is to open windows and leave the room if that happens.
Just buy lower wattage regular bulbs and turn them off when not in use.

Frank Brown

I use a Kangen Water Machine by Enagic for cleaning my whole house. This machine produces 7 different types of water. 3 for drinking alkaline water, 1 clean water, 1 beauty water (toner), strong acid water for disinfecting/sterilizing and lastly strong alkaline water as a degreaser. There are many health benefits to drinking this water as well. Check out for free recipes in green cleaning.


Hello Yoga Journal-

I just wanted to share with everyone, that the "green" fluorescent bulbs are NOT what people think they are! They are toxic and who really recycles them? There are many studies about the light emitted from fluorescent light bulbs, and they do not end up well. Psychological studies state that, they keep people on edge, hard on the retina, becase they are far from the natural light spectrum scale, hence "sterile" feeling. I am deeply saddened by the fact that the "green" movement has endorsed such a product.

I have the number #1 energy efficiency rating, out of 100 houses in my neighborhood.....guess what? I use 40 watt standard bulbs and very minimal light. The more synthetic harsh light that you expose your eyes to, the more wear and tear you cause on your eyes ,especially at night. I recommend using less synthetic light at night and your eyes will strengthen over time. We are already exposed to enough fluorescent lights during the day at our offices, why bring them into our homes too? Especially at night when the energy is supposed to be slowly declining. PLEASE consider this. Use standard bulbs, less light at night, and do not pollute our minds and earth with more toxic chemicals.

Just because they are marketed as a "green" product, does not entail they are GOOD for you, earth or your precious eyes, let alone your energy bill! PLEASE do your research on this and think critically!!




Compact fluorescent light bulbs are NOT green. The contain mercury and can cause serious health problems. Do not be fooled by all the hype... this is an environmental tragedy we're creating.

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