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I love you comment about how you once had a 2-hour daily practice and now it's an all day practice. With a 2-year old and nearly 4-year old, my time to practice is much more limited. I never thought of using the time I pick up, play with them, and cook for/with them as an opportunity to practice my yoga. Thank you for that encouragement!


I'm pregnant with number 3 and a power yoga teacher. I find myself feeling limited as my belly grows and a two year old jumps on my back in downdog, again.
my husbands practice becomes more complex and I keep crossing off poses that are contraindicated . Although I may not be able to deepen my twist or bend further, I know I'm getting soooo much stronger than I ever could have without my children.


What a beautiful article. Thank you for sharing.


I am a mom of a 7 and 10 year old and have been teaching Mommy and Me Yoga for almost 9 years now. I remember those early days when my son was born and my life was unrecognizable. I had trouble bonding, though the love I felt was stunning. When I see moms enter the studio with their wild eyes, I remember. Sometimes all we need is the presence of other like-minded moms around us, some nursing, some with bottles, allowing our babies to squiggle and cry and call for us while we just find time to BE with eachother. WE notice how we react to baby sounds, we breathe deeply and move together as a village of Mothers. Renewed, moms nestle in close to baby in savasana. The yoga is in the moments and the relationship we have with our children. With open heart and steady mind, parenting IS the practice and every mindful moment ripples into a beautiful future generation.


I don't have children, but I do have multiple staff members with competing needs and interests. The perfect practice environment :)


Wonderful article about putting yoga practice to use in everyday life.


One day i was wondering when i'd come back to my yoga practice (my baby girl is 6 months old) ... i was thinking in asanas i must admit, going towards to get back into shape, having that 1 hr with only the mat, myself & zero interruptions ... I was indeed forgetting my other yoga lessons and reading this article has reminded me that I've been in my yoga practice since I gave birth upto today and years to come !! Thank you so much.


It has been almost a year that I have subscribed to online Yoga journal. But for the first time I took time to read the above article as being a mother of seven month old baby it interested me. Believe me I was taken to surprise that you can practice yoga while working. Since I am an Indian and have great respect for Yoga and our culture. I had always believe in them. But never thought of yoga being practiced while working specially with children. Thank you so much for reinforcing the believe and teaching to practice yoga while raising children.


I second Carmen's comment. I COMPLETELY needed this right now. Perspective is what I needed and this put it into perspective for me. also made me laugh which I needed too!

Carmen Dapat

Thankyou. I really needed to read this right now!

I especially identified with the last sentence, sometimes I wonder (or delude) myself with notions of how my life would have been if I didn't have children.."if only i was in a cave in the himalayas..then i wouldn't have all these 'messy distractions' and could find enlightement so much easier!

Thankyou for reminding me that bliss exists in this moment right here, right now, and to recognize moments of chaos as opportunities for growth.


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