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Yes Pat - it helps me wake up. It also helps me start the day in a calm state of mind and with a feeling of accomplishment, so I feel more able to deal with the day ahead. I've been able to extend my practice now to include other asanas as well.


Stephen, so did you find that doing a sun salutation in the morning helped you wake up? I suffer from insomnia and find I usually cannot awaken into my body for hours after I wake up. It sounds like something interesting to try.

Veena Grover

Folks,Beauty is skin deep means to me,face is the index of mind.Many many years back,i used to be very stressed due to negative thoughts,lot of responsibilities & not enough money.I wished i could go to spa & get massage,get my hair done to llok prettier,nothing worked for me,untill,i staerted doing Tae-kwondo & yoga to get physically tired & mentally relaxed with Pranayama & Asana practice.Fancy spas are wonderful,But those are temporary,sleep good,do some physical exercise,negative thoughts disappear & natual glow calms your mind & reflection of peace brings the joy of life,you feel connected with your self & hence love comes in the heart & connect you through your loving soft eyes with others, Blessings, veena.

Dilna Khory

Hello folks. I have been reading your messages about being sleep deprived and even with yoga, some of you have not been able to get the rest and relaxation that you need. I would like you to contact me at Are you able to take a few days to visit a place that I have found, which is a piece of paradise. I went there for a week and I can honestly say that I have never slept better than when I went there. I did not wake up at all throughout the night and slept so soundly. The atmosphere, clear clean air and peaceful surroundings will invigorate you and help you to practice yoga in an environment that will bring your life back and invigorate your mind, body and soul.


I have chronic fatigue syndrome (ME) so I'm always sleep deprived. At first I could only do the corpse position, but am now doing a sun salutation sequence almost every morning. Albeit slowly. It's the best exercise I've found.


Lucille: I hear you! I've been a chronic insomniac for years, along with the accompanying energy lows. I was taking ambien but finally realized I'd rather find a 'real' way to give my body and mind the rest they need. I think your commitment to yoga is exactly the right thing, and who cares if it's an 'over-50' version?

I find that a gentle practice after work helps me stay asleep better, but doesn't help with the problem of falling asleep in the first place. So last night I tried a relaxation/meditation podcast I downloaded from iTunes. The podcast was only 5 minutes long, and I thought to myself 'Oh this will never work!'

I was asleep 5 minutes later. :-) The music is a combination of quiet ambient and binaural audio tones composed by Dr. Harry Henshaw.

So tonight I'll see if it works a second time ...


Hello Folks;
I am in my 6th year of hot flashes and very sleep deprived. I've avoided the hrt due to family history of breast cancer and heart disease. Soya hasn't helped, neither have Black Cohosh or any other things ..... I do a softer yoga now just because my energy can't keep up with most of the old videos I have, except for Susan Winter Wards' class for over 50's. Oh dear, I am over 50. I feel that if only I could get a good night sleep, my energy level would improve.


Yoga has been the only thing that can make my head stop making noise so that I can atleast fall asleep. I'm working on teaching my children yoga and they really like to do it when they see me doing it. My eldest son has really taken to it.


yoga can rejuvenate you much like sleep can!! a few minutes of good meditation is actually said to be the same as hours of sleep. the more sleep u miss, the more yoga you should do!


For me, first things first: I try to sleep.
If I can't, I meditate so that my brain can rest for a while!

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