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Ashtanga yogi

What a joke! Eating meat and trying to justify it by "integrating it's life force". LOL! At least, just own up to it, no ifs or buts.

Hari-kirtana das

Actually, the Bhagavad Gita does list specific foods for following a "yogic diet" in chapter 9, verse 26: "If one offers Me with love and devotion a leaf, a flower, fruit or water, I will accept it." Krishna follows this verse with an equally specific instruction: "Whatever you do, whatever you eat, whatever you offer or give away, and whatever austerities you perform do that as an offering to Me." This verse corresponds with Patanjali's emphasis on offering one's life to the Supreme Being (Isvara) in numerous sutras of his Yoga Sutras and, since Krishna is specifying a vegetarian diet, it adheres to the first principle of yoga as a moral philosophy that Patanjali establishes and Krishna repeatedly confirms, namely, ahimsa: non-violence. To say that the traditional yoga wisdom texts do not prescribe a sattvic vegetarian diet as a mandatory pre-requisite of a serious yoga practice - something at the very least to be aspired to - is an evasive maneuver that rationalizes a diet based on a bodily conception of the self, which is precisely the the conception of the self that yoga, according to both Krishna and Patanjali, is meant to help us transcend.

Judith Sugg

How is killing an animal non-violent? We can rationalize our food choices, but in the end, it is hard to imagine how killing an animal is in line with yoga ethics. If someone is on a meat diet and then switches to a plant based diet, they will have adjustments -- meat eating ups dopamine and we crave those boosts for awhile. To return to eating meat because a plant based diet "makes us gain weight" seems a strange mind trick for a yogi. Transitioning by eating less meat, and more humanely raised and killed meat is good and a learning. And let's not confuse that improvement for the evolution and transformation we seek as serious students of yoga. Its not about right and wrong, but it is about being clear and truthful. -- not using our mind mechanics to justify our behavior.


go vegan 29 days a month and you will leave room to indulge in seafood once. skip the butter, eggs and milk though.


I agree with the part in the article that says you should eat the diet that is best for your body. I understand that "killing" an animal for its meat might seem barbaric and inhumane but they were put on this planet for various reasons and I believe one is to nourish not just humans but other animals as well. Why is it that a carnivors instinct is to hunt in order to feed? The problem with us modern humans is we don't go by what nature teaches and shows us. The Indians and humans before them would use every last bit of the animal and not let it go to waste weather it be for nourishment, clothing, or tools. In nature it is pretty much the same, the preditor hunts and kills and whatever it doesn't eat is consumed by scavengers, parasites and finally nourishment for the earth. I think some of today's practice on how animals are kept and stuffed with chemicals and incorrect diets just to fatten them up should be a crime. That's why I feel that if you are going to eat animal products eat farms who practice correct livestock practices and don't have these poor animals stuffed in cages or kept in a dark room all their lives.


i would like to know how much times a yoga person should eat


How can meat be "humanely" produced? There are certainly worse or more inhumane ways but any way you look at it the animal is still being murdered. If someone killed your mother but said they did it humanely and quickly would that make it okay? How can we justify eating animals with the impact it has on ourselves, the animals and this planet? The stress and fear that an animal usually has before it is murdered is transferred into the person consuming it. If you tried to stop eating meat and got sick you obviously were not eating what your body needed but that doesn't meat you HAVE to eat meat. If you want you an educate yourself and learn about how to get all the nutrients you need. I am 29 and have been veg 29 years (all my life) and I practice yoga, play sports, go running and I am extremely healthy and I don't feel I'm lacking anything except an understanding as to how people keep justifying this horrible practice of consuming flesh.


i feel that that it really doesn't matter whether the diet is a veg or a non veg one. what really matter is , whether the diet keeps us physically and spiritually uplifted.


I truly believe in listening to your body, even the little birds eat some animal flesh from the earth.
My body thrives best on fish, some dairy, vegetables, fruits and some grain.
No two snowflakes are the same. Enjoy nourishing your body with fuel that works for you and honor your beliefs and values, always respect and listen to nature and respect other people and their personal choices. No arguments are neccessary


This is a beautiful article that makes a lot of sense to me. It affirms what I believe, everyone is unique.

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