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Share with Us: Yoga for Economic Meltdown

Have you responded personally to economic changes lately? Please share your best tips and strategies.

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Reader Comments

Kathy Hanewinkel

Use cloth napkins and reusable cloths and rags. At work we have our own cups, ather than disposables. Sugar from a sugar bowl, rather than individual packets, or better yet, skip the sweetener. Shop at used and gently-worn stores or yard sales. The planet and your pocketbook will thank you.

Julia Wigent

Interesting comments. Please remember no president writes tax law, nor has the power to write tax law, only congress does. The president only vetoes or accepts what congress writes. A president may present congress with ideas he'd like considered (and has a better chance of getting something written if the majority of the house or senate are of the same party the president is) , so either candidate cannot really make tax promises, or most of the promises they make!, because neither of them can write a tax bill. In fact, a president cannot write any bill. If you are worried about taxes, be cautious about who you elect as your representative (100% of the house is up for reelection; 1/3 of the senate), they are the writers of the tax law and of all laws. Talk to them, write them, demand your voice be heard by them. Presidents have other kinds of power. Recall the constitution & houses of government we have. Historically, socialism & communism have not worked, because there will always be some who has more than others, we are not equally gifted, physically balanced. We will always have someone who wants to be in charge, an imbalance, as it were, of power and might. The changes in the stock market have more to do with how we each chose to live, and not who is president. The only person you can change is yourself, peace begins with me. It is great to see excitment about our election, yet where was this excitement in the past? Why did we have to get to this point (we've been told for YEARS individuals have negative savings in the US, and individuals have to save, not Wall St) to get excited about an election? I was in Jr High at the first Earth Day, why didn't you, dear reader, take a stand back then, or whenever you learned about ecology? Ecology issues have been known for how long? Economy issues have been known for how long? Yoga isn't just about getting a mediation high, enlightenment isn't just an inner place. Each one of us has to take it off the mat and live it. My best yoga is done when I act & I've had enough lows in life where my physical practice was poor, yet my daily life was rich in lessons to learn, blessings to give, prayers to say, food to prepare & eat, work to do ethically, awareness of the effects of my actions. Since 9/11, we have not been attacked again on our soil, be aware of the power of that. Namaste

Cecilia M

I am a salesperson in luxury retail and of course an economic meltdown means less people out there shopping making my job so much more challenging!
Over time I have incorporated yoga philosophy and exercises into my daily duties and have found it neutralizes the stressful aspects of a sales job making myself immune to situations that are beyond my control.
If anyone is interested I can elaborate on the relationship between yoga and sales.

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