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Of course not (yoga a religion) it would be great though, if classes were taught in a more spiritually inclusive way... even though yoga is Indian and is part of the Vedas, Hinduism. I wish that it was more welcoming to all... (christian, jehova's witness, islam, voodoo etc)

Rev.Robin Babatunde

Oh how we must always label, judge, and contain in order to control. Anything practiced over and over the same way is the act of being religious.Yoga is a divine science of living, not a religion, but a way of seeing. You can see God in it, you can see Buddah in it, you can see yourself in it. Our Creator, nature, the universe nor science can be contained. That's the mind of man. See Yoga for what it is. We all would be better at being humans.

Ganapathi S

I agree with the context of the article but it misses the larger point of hinduism by selective quoting. Hinduism is not a religion but a way of life. There are a lot of streams in hinduism and yoga is one of them, there is also lot of literature on science, medicine, philosophy, governance and other aspects of life. So it is not a simplistic view point but I understand that the effort is to trigger a larger debate/ discussion. Unfortunately Hinduism is so vast that there is no single learned guru who can discourse on this today.

Helena Gorka

I have been teaching Yoga for over 40 years and it was always indicated by my teachers that YOGA is a Science - NOT a religion, just as its sister discipline - Ayurveda is a science of medicine

Jamie Brown

One of the traditional meanings of yoga is "union with God." But, it is a neutral spiritual technology which can be used as whole-body prayer by persons of ANY religion. As my teacher Mark Whitwell puts it, "Yoga is the practical means that allows you to tangibly realize your ideals."


I think of yoga as a philosophy that can also be a spiritual practice.


Of course, Yoga is not a religion. In fact Hinduism itself is not a religion. It is a civilization.

According to Historians, the word "Hindu" is derived from the name of River Indus, which flows through northern India. In ancient times the river was called the 'Sindhu', but the Persians who migrated to India called the river 'Hindu', the land 'Hindustan' and its inhabitants 'Hindus'. Thus the religion followed by the Hindus came to be known as 'Hinduism'.

Yoga is a spiritual discipline of that Civilization.

Mark LaPorta Roseland FL

Yoga is not a religion. In that sense, it would suggest a denomination,. It is much bigger.
Religion, in its purest sense, means TIE BACK [TO], perhaps as in YOKE.
Viewed this way, yoga IS religion; thus, does not compete or negate anyone else and is totally compatible with any other denomination or doctrine that understands that yoga, per se is not, say, HInduism per se. .
Really depends on the purity of the view.

For instance, when I was attending Catholic church regularly, I readily saw the intersection of the two observances and it expanded my understanding of both. Can't be bad.

PS1>> No doubt in my mind GOD MADE YOGA.

PS2>> I am a general internist, and after 8 years of yoga discipline it makes practicing ordinary medicine a little tougher!

Veena Grover RYT

In my opinion,yoga is not a religion,as discussed in the main article,it could be associated with spirituality.Yoga practice opens our inner channels & with one's belief & dedication, one can follow it like any religion & discipline.
Yoga is connection of body,mind & soul,but that relates with breath & deep breathing calm us down & with peaceful mind,word God whispers frpom the heart & that gentle & peaceful expression, thanks to God from the core of the heart.During my growing up years in India, I used to practice Kundalini yoga & that was very much associated with kirtan & prayers,but still it was not associated with religon.Yoga is very broad & every body feels the personal satisfaction, joy & dedication.Enjoy.Namaste.


Hinduism itself is not a religion in the conventional sense, no conversion, no baptism, no one holy book to explain it all. However anyone of any faith can join in any of its practices. Yoga is not the only movement in Hinduism which insists upon God/no God debate. There are many philosophies within Hinduism contributed over thousands of years by as many yogis and you choose as per your reincarnation, personality and the times you live in. All have one thing in common, evolution of each soul.

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