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Veena Grover RYT

Yoga is freedom,fun & free spirit.Move with deep breath & from one position to other.People worry too much about Fancy looking positions.Yoga should be graceful, but not hard work, Enjoy, release inner stress & laugh from the heart. Blessings, Veena

Veena Grover RYT

Has ya--means full of energy.Laughing from the core.Many people think, yoga is an exercise, it is spiritual Breathing practice.Release the stress & enjoy.

Veena Grover RYT

Hasyayoga [Hasa meanslaugh}I always enjoy with my students to convince them to laugh from the deep core & it also uses your core & twitch your facial muscles in different positions to massage your facial muscles as well.Make a laugh as a fun, not a Task or chore.This inspires the people,who are even outside the class & after Lion's Breath & laughing,They are full of energy & their faces get blushed,Energy upward & inward. Blessings. Veena Grover

Veena GroverRYT

I have been teaching yoga for the last many years.Yoga has no speciality in real sense,I move with the flow of my students.I create atmosphere,which make them relax & especially with Lion's Breath & Laughing Yoga & Breath of fire,the room gets filled with energy & we enjoy together in all my classes,week day or week-end. Blessings & namaste. Veena

Hasyayoga Guru Jiten Kohi

It is wrong to say Laughter Yoga, IT IS HASYAYOGA as it is originated from the holy soul of India by the churning of YOGA and HASYA. Some western cultured calls HASYAYOGA as Laughter Yoga. See they are using two separate words ‘Laughter” and “Yoga”. (It seems they are doing some yoga and laugh).
In the growing age of globalization if someone used the term laughter yoga or laughter therapy just to explain the meaning of it, it’s OK. But the “HASYAYOGA” generated from the holy soul of Ganga can not be pronounced as Laughter Yoga

What is Hasyayoga?
Hasyayoga is satchitaananda: (Achievement the acme of true pleasant soul, inner peace and ultimate happiness).
The basic element of Hasyayoga is “Sarve santu niramaya” that means ‘All should be free from maladies’.
HASYA means energy of man and YOGA means addition. Means enrichment the energy of man, man is emotional sub conscious part of mind. Our 10% of power is prevailing with mind (conscious) & 90% with man (sub conscious). The source of energy of man is laugh.
This is not just an exercise but is to put mind, body and soul together in a distinct direction and generate the inner spirit of laugh. For instance, a person is cutting wood with an axe. This is just an action, a labour action. This very act, with controlled breath and senses and contemplating to affect a particular part by producing internal laughter in every cell of the body, is HASYAYOGA. This generates a feeling of love and affection for all the creatures.
As Krishna said in Geeta-

“Prasade sarvedukhana hanirasyoprajyate
Prasannchetso hayasu budhhi: Paryavatishtthte |”
i.e., a happy mind dispels all the melancholy, sadness and fears. He, who is happy, gets a stable mind. This means- laugh away all your worries.

Veena Grover

My Students miss the laughing yoga, the day I add something else.I let the stay in chair pose,this way they are in the Asana & laughing as a group & pumping their bellies.
Some times, Lion's Breath with eyes wide awake & other times Breath of fire.One or the other not all at one time.Some of my seniors especially come for those Asanas, They feel their throats open up,pumping belly,their internal system functions better & enjoy their day with full of energy & pece. Blessings. Veena

Veena Grover

I add laughter yoga most of my morning classes & especially seniors enjoy the most, with Lion's Breath & Sitali Breath.


I incorporate laughter yoga into my yoga teaching. It is fun & silly.

BTW, Dr. Kataria's website is this one, not the one listed above in the article.


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