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Just as happens when a person goes to a medical doctor or facility, there are no guarantees, but when a person practices Bikram Yoga at least he has a true chance of healing himself. Like life, (it IS life): What you put into it, you get out of it. Makes sense, doesn't it? Better than spending $$$$$$$ on useless and sometimes harmful treatments and medicines. Sweat is free and effective. I've fought breast cancer for 18 years. When it returned 8 years ago I started Bikram and haven't needed any treatment or meds since. I figure that 8 quality years is so far beyond my expectations in every way: quality of life is so far better than that quantity of systemic, toxic illness magnified with questionable and costly chem, radiation, and/or hormone therapies. Like Nike says: Just do it. I'm living proof!


I agree with Jackie. Although I love hot yoga as it is greatly beneficial and a great workout to boot, Bikram Choudhury has got to be one of the most ego maniacal people on this planet.


This is the most ridiculous article I have ever read. Being a yoga instructor for a little over 5 years now, this way of thinking and philosophy is NOT YOGA. Torture chamber? Get real.


Great article! I am a Bikram devotee and believer. I've been at it for exactly one year. It has changed my life. I am 58. I walk straighter, prouder and more jouyously.


Silly folks -- the true asanas are carved in the pyramids in ancient Egypt -- of the 3rd 4th and 5th dynasties -- by African peoples -- No caste systems and hierchy to spirituality

Swami Param

Who is the greater fool Bikram or those who listen to him? His so-called "truth" is anything but the truth. Real Yoga are the many teachings and practices of Hindu Dharma; taught by Hindus and not for a fee. Interestingly, when confronted with the facts about Yoga, Bikram chooses not to answer!


Sounds to me like this guy doesn't even believe in Yoga philosophy at all. What kind of a Yogi does that make him? Not one I say.


This sort of yoga appeals to people who like competition, and a teacher that is more like a coxswain on a crew boat than a guru or teacher. I went to my first Bikram class today and found it to be a very negative atmosphere. I've gone to power (heated) classes that were more welcoming. I needed a block to modify my poses but there were none available, and the teacher accused me of wanting a "crutch." I am an experienced yoga student, but I know my own body. In my mind, rather than being the only true yoga, Bikram isn't yoga at all. Yoga is accepting, meditative, and non-judgmental. There is no one way to do a pose. If I wanted to be shouted at by a coach, I would go back to high school athletics. But I'm an adult, and shouting is not appreciated.


I took Bikram yoga for several years and still managed to damage several discs in my lower lumbar spine. Practicing in heat can give you a false sense of ability to go deeper than you should if you aren't careful and do not know your limits.

yoga insrtuctor

I have taken several of Bikram classes and I have seen good things but also some not so good things. My close friend who is a young thirty something year old decided to do 100 days of Bikram yoga. Family and friends felt that she looked so tired and unhealthy and too thin. She asked my opinon of how she looked and I had to say she looked very tired and unhealthy,but her husband said he liked how she looked. To each his own!

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