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Yoga With Nicci

Thank you for the most wonderfully positive and informative article. I have first-hand experience of struggling with infertility and as a yoga teacher, find this absolutely fasicinating. I have written about my experiences on my blog and used some of Judith's info. Kathryn, my heart goes out to you. You are so respectful and positive despite the heartache that you are living, and I send you lots and lots and lots of warm, loving energy, all the way from South Africa tonight.

Natasha Salmon Cogno

Thank you for this article. I teach a class of 25 participants and 2 of them became pregnant just after practicing for a couple of months. They have been trying and they could't. So, yoga probably did played an important role in allowing the fallopian tubes to open. I place emphasis on poses to open the hips. I tell them that "resentment" accumulates around the hips (I read this in some article published a while back in YJ). They all laugh as they go into a 3-legged down dog.

Judith's articles are so beneficial. She has quite a perspective on all the subjects she touches.


Dawn - so glad to hear your voice in response to this article because it is one that I share. My husband and I have been trying to conceive since I was 29 - I am now 42 and in the height of perimenopause - hot flashes and all. 4 more months and I will officially be menopausal (12 months w/o a cycle) Accupuncture, yoga, relaxing vacations, vegetarianism, you name it, I have done it. While healthy living improves my physical ans mental well being, it has not been the fertility elixir. We finally adopted and although very happy, we still feel the agony of hope. It never ends. This article makes me feel if only I had done something different. In the end it turns out I have had endometriosis which has gone undetected all my life. My uterus is tilted and fused in place due to scarring. Finally after all these years my new obgyn, a guy, declared I probably never got pregnant because we didn't do it doggy style. lol, right?!? While I love the positivity of this article, it doesn't help me personally. But I do hope it helps that rare lucky woman whose body does respond and blesses her with a cute bundle of joy.


Yoga will help you to destress and calm not only your mind but also your body to be more open to receive. It worked for the lady who used to be Amy's account.


There’s a great 100% natural herbal remedy for increasing fertility. You can find it here:


Dawn, thank you for your comment. I too am in the same situation as you and sometimes find that articles like these can reinforce a feeling of 'fertility failure'. I am also a dedicated yogini and considered fertile by doctors, yet have been unable to conceive. Rather than making me fertile, yoga has given me the space to channel my energy into a my practice and share this practice with others. While I would love a child, if this is not my destiny then I know I will always have yoga! xo


Hey Dawn, I'm in the same boat as you & whether you have kids or not, there are so many ways of putting love into the world. Either way you can create a great life for yourself and those around you. Trust whatever happens will be for your highest good & try and carry on enjoying life despite this unresolved area. Perhaps we're not ready for what we think we want? Much love to you xxx


As a woman unable to conceive, I'd hoped to find solance in this article. While it is supportive and loving, I feel it still pushes the idea that if I did something different, I would become pregnant. The article doesn't address the use of yoga to move forward into life and love when conception and pregnancy do not occur. Just for the record, I am incredibly healthy, follow every suggestion made here and have for years, I'm a dedicated yogini, and all my doctors find me very fertile - yet - I cannot conceive after 10 years of trying. I've learned to live a life of grace, that has been infused with strength as a result of this unanswered prayer. I'd love to hear more stories from women like myself. Peace.


The video Yoga for Fertility was a big help for us in our journey to a healthy baby.

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