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As a happily celibate man, I've always been aware that I was a little unusual, but this article, and the people cited in it, make me out to be a carnival freak. When did yoga and its practitioners become so judgmental?


Does celibacy refer to refraining from sexual intercourse or all types of sexual activities like masturbation etc?

It's the most beautiful path

Practicing Celibacy has had such a beautiful impact on my life. If you feel the inner knowing that celibacy is for your next step in your journey, you will surely be blessed and fulfilled for your efforts. No words could express what a life of properly practiced celibacy offer. The energy needs to be transmuted rather than suppressed or denied. Channelling the energy upwards through meditation, exercise and/or creative activities such as writing, art and poetry is a powerful way to successful practice of celibacy and receive all it has to offer. Remember to keep a pure mental and physical environment. If temptation comes, get out of the situation immediately and reason about it later. Instead, use the energy in ways mentioned earlier. May you be blessed for your every effort. Enjoy the journey. Believe in yourself and keep on trying.


After being in an emotional and sexless marriage, and the moving to a "relationship" that was really just a booty call, and the on to a sexual relationship with a married man, I am so done with sex. I have been completely used up for years sexually. I have been single and celibate for about six months now and I am happier than ever. My yoga practice has helped me to expand and grow inside and out spiritually. I am not looking to meet another man any time soon because I am too focused on myself and growing stronger in my practice and loving myself deeply, like no other man can. I can't swear I will remain celibate for life, but I know it's the best thing for me personally, as sex just distracts me. I look forward to my healthy adventures and quests in growing as a person and overcoming challenges in my path. Namaste.


I have been celibate since 1995... not by choice initially, but it has become comfortable and as Marta says - it is a deeply personal decision. Were I in her shoes, I would probably take the same step. :)


I have been celibate for about 15 years for a variety of reasons - nothing so intentional as the decision related above. I have recently met someone for whom I feel a deep desire for. I want this man in the carnal sense. The feeling is so rare and such a gift, that I'm going with it. He seems to reciprocate and we are taking our time. So, I think, as with all things in life, the question of celibacy and sexuality is deeply personal and tied to each of our experiences.

For me, this desire is welcome and embraced. The anticipation is delicious. ;)


I understand the desire to be freed from, "earthly distractions," but to me, connecting with the earth and my body in earthly ways can be very spiritual. I fear that if I live in complete transcendence of my earthly form at all times that I will miss the lessons I'm supposed to learn as a soul residing in this physical body.


Then if everybody practice yoga.... it will be no children:(


I liked the article because it takes into consideration the reality for Americans that sex is a part of our national culture. Breaking down the individual behaviors such as making sexual jokes is a key to the overall goal of having a self realization experience about it.


Main thing I learned in 7 yrs of abstinance after my son's birth was how much of my behavior and demenor ppl had I terpreted as sexual or flirtatious, even when I didn't mean it that way. I am now very happy to be with someone who is very axial and sedudective in the bedroom, but very respectful and can meet me on many other planes elsewhere.

Seems strange to me that this entire article on yoga & sexuality didn't mention tantric traditions once.

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