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Shaari :)

Start the morning with a steaming cup of lemon water.
This will swing your body's pH away from acid. It will calm you. Enjoy this first. 1/4 cup of oats mixed with 12 raisins, 6 almonds (chopped) , and a small amount of chocolate nibbs, sunflower and pumpkin seeds. Pour 1/4 cup of cocnut milk over and microwave 20 seconds. Enjoy. It's wau tastier than cocoa puffs :)


I am surprised Yoga journal supports recipes that create toxins by way of promoting food combinations that the body cannot break down. Your Ayurvedic recipes are doing a service to the very confused world of which leads to disease.
I recommend streamlining your service to be a consistent light in others lives. Our world is so fascinated by the senses, taste in this case - you might as well spread the word of the intelligence of taste :)
you have the means and the power to do so.



My body suports a diet full of vegetables fruits and protein. Protein is what gives me the fuel I need. The proteins that I enjoy include all the protein groups. Yoga is a spiritual journey. It is different for each and everyone of us. In these days of troubled times we should suport eachother in whatever dietary path we choose. Thank you for the important information.


I had a hard time with cholesterol. Even after I became vegetarian my cholesterol was still alarmingly high and doctors said that my high cholesterol was probably a genetic disease but that I should avoid eggs. After I became vegan (so no more eggs, cheese, butter, milk,etc) my cholesterol dropped, and within a year it reached a level that pleasantly surprised my doctors. Now I choose high protein and no cholesterol foods such as mushrooms, tempeh, tofu, quinoa and whole grain meals with nuts and dried fruits in the mornings. It feels great!


Yoga is about doing no meat, no salmon. It is best to start the day without dead things (and continue the same way!)

Pratibha Jani (Aatmayog)

True. Very True. I grew up in India and my mom always made over night soaked lentils (a different one each day) and we could only get out of the house if we had at least two table spoon serving of those with a glass of milk in the morning. Mind yo uafter our shower and morning dhyaan and prayers....The rest of the day was a breeze. They were extremely tasty too. Kept you going strong all morning long. Real quick and easy to make as well. takes about 20 minutes or less in a pressure cooker. I still get that when I visit back home for vacation....HuuMMM


There is plenty of evidence that the cholesterol in eggs and nuts/veggie oils does not translate into your body the way that beef or pork cholesterol does. I eat lots and lots and LOTS of eggs and have never had anything but a great cholesterol reading. That is merely anecdotal, but truly there is lots of evidence to say that my experience is normal.


it's ok- don't be afraid of the cholesterol in the eggs- there's iron and lots of healthy fats there too- and the cholesterol you eat has very little offect on your blood cholesterol.


If you use egg whites instead of whole eggs you keep the protein but toss out a good part of the cholesterol :)


How can you say that Breakfast Burrito is healthy when it shows 170 mg of cholestrol

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