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i like the article, though i think its important to distinguish between FASTING and HUGNERING.
some hours of no food before yoga might be fine,
but if energy requirements of the body are needing food and you dont give it, then you are HUNGERING. (especially minerals and vitamins)
FASTING is defined as your body using his reserves, and that happens after 3-5 days of no food-intake, after the liver"s sugar-backups are emptied and 2 days of foods worth is out of your digestive system/colon (enema and nauli help to speed it up to 1 day) !!

not eating while in "food-mode" is hunger/food deprivation and does not benefit much. though its all about the balance. !!!

om shanti, marco


This is an awesome article! I really appreciate the importance of 'personal balance' when considering aryveda or any other medicinal or dietary practice. As an active person practicing yoga, i have learned through my own food explorations and flux in eating habits that it's a matter of taking care of yourself. Body, mind and soul when nourishing yourself : ) Everyone is entirely different and a matter of finding and maintaining your own bodies natural 'humm' is most valuable and where you will find the most blissful results.


I think this is an interesting article because having recently taken up yoga and becoming amazingly inspired and moved by my practice has lead me to explore my diet as well. I have been trying the vegetarian thing thinking it would "best" support my practice. However, I now have better insight on how to adapt my diet to compliment my evolving practice.


I agree with Litza and Jessica 100% !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


I believe a Vegetarian & even Vegan diet is best, for i feel it is unnecesesary to eat meat, however if one is to eat meat it would be best to be in minimal amounts and totally ORGANIC, with love and respect for the energy & lifeforce the animal has sacrificed for you.
Also when one feels one needs meat i feel one should ask oneself is it the ego playing with ones mind zapping power.


Going to totally disagree with the vegetarian absolutism above. I was a vegetarian for years because I was "supposed to be" and I was weak, moody and had insomnia and irritable bowel syndrome. A lot of the culprits were "good yogic foods "- eg wheat, dairy and soy that I was allergic to. By eliminating these foods and re-introducing meat I've found a good deal more balance in mood, body, and digestive health.

In short there are no "shoulds" regarding vegetarianism- its really an individual thing. The greatest form of ahimnsa is to respect ourselves. Without that, we cannot be of service to anyone else.


Sorry,however I do disagree that we should only eat
vegetables, I for example,because so many this food
is bad,and meat it is not good...I am having a lot medical
problems, I even refused to taked thyroid pills because
I through the ayurveda, and some Teacher Yogi's believe
that I can cure ourself throughout positive mind and so
on. I almost died because from borderline thyroid I end up with a big messy thyroid that almost kill me twice.
So I end up have to do radiation for my thyroidl and
since then it is not been the same,and now I am deficiency on vitamin B12, because I do not eat to much
food that contain this vitamin, that cause anemia,to nerve demage, dementia...And the great source of this
Vitamins are found on livers, eggs, barn rice...supplements and shots of this vitamin. I believe
that not kill any live,even animals, are more into the
context as for sport, abused, if it is from survivor and
with all respect in the end of your meals we should thank you the deers, cows, for given their live as food.
If I was a fish, and know that a child need food I would
be honor to be on this child plate, because I am given
life,the circle of life, not trophies....


I believe a vegetarian diet is highly recommended as it is more sattvic while meat is rajasvic and makes you aggressive both in mind and body which totally goes against yogic principles. Please read about ayurveda to learn more.


To my best of knowledge, it is not necessary to be vegetarian to practice yoga, but should include vegetarian diet along with meat and should take non day time as night meal should be light as it will improve the digestive system of such person.



Do you practice both the asans and pranayama or its only the yoga asanas(postures)

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